The Evolution of Bitcoin Narratives with Harry Sudock
The Evolution of Bitcoin Narratives with Harry Sudock
What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

“If you believe that there is a pending climate crisis and you do not believe in nuclear energy technology, you’re anti-human and I no longer know how to relate to you on the merits.”
— Harry Sudock

Harry Sudock is Chief Strategy Officer at Griid. In this interview, we discuss a range of narratives evolving in 2023: how Bitcoin’s value is to be explained to newbs, making sense of the general paranoia in society, the critical importance of nuclear energy, and making sense of 2022’s financial contagion within crypto.

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2022 was a heck of a year, the impact of which is still being felt into the early part of 2023. However, as January turns to February, the focus is turning to what 2023 holds for Bitcoin and wider society. And who better to review the year to come than Harry Sudock.

We discuss the evolving narratives used to explain and advocate for Bitcoin. As the fatigue of dealing with 2022 diminishes, how are re-energised Bitcoiners to educate those who are financially and/or technically literate but lack a grounding in Bitcoin? What are the best arguments to use to explain Bitcoin in the US, where there is a less immediate need for its utility?

Further, how do we navigate the world around us? The social discourse is increasingly beset by paranoia and distrust. At the same time, there is a lot to distrust: lies and spin have become so ubiquitous and brazen that we are effectively being told to believe up is actually down. Is it any wonder that people see conspiracies where there are none?

Beyond creating a noisy and chaotic public square, the real problem is we’re unable to properly address society's most pressing issues. Take energy for example. The last few podcasts have shone a light on the myths and realities of nuclear energy. It is quite clear the obvious path to providing sustainable and abundant energy lies in supporting the development of nuclear infrastructure.

So, the path forward seems clear. 2023 needs an unrelenting focus on giving exposure to the truth, whilst calling out vested interests and virtue signalling. Nuance, pragmatism and veracity are the vital principles that have and will underpin all of What Bitcoin Did’s content. 2022 was about lies being exposed throughout crypto. Bitcoin in 2023 about its inherent truth.

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12,498 sats
9 Feb
Triggered at 58 minutes...Carbon..emissions...blah, blah, blah (Greta ref). CO2: Plant life absorb carbon and emit oxygen (thank you plants). If the narative is only about "carbon" emmisions, and no discussions about natural CO2 absorption, that narrative shouldnt be trusted, it is half the story. The idea of Nuclear power sounds great, but it is currently centralized at a plant. "Not your fuel, not your energy" Sound familiar? Environmentalism then decentralization or the other way around?
123 sats
8 Feb