The CBP #098 - Ordinals, Inscriptions, Incentives and Bill C-11
The CBP #098 - Ordinals, Inscriptions, Incentives and Bill C-11
The Canadian Bitcoiners Podcast - Bitcoin News With a Canadian Spin


Welcome to another recording of The Canadian Bitcoiners Podcast weekly flagship.

This week:

  • Inscriptions and Ordinals
  • Adversarial Thinking
  • Incentives
  • What is Bitcoin For?
  • US Economic Updates
  • The Problem With Entitlements 
  • Bill C-11 
  • Canadian Culture Wars 

And much more.

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Link to Mark Goodwin's article

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5,000 sats
8 Feb
Joey's ordinals monologue 10/10
500 sats
9 Feb
joey can't go on holidays, I am now rent seeking in Canadian housing shit coins
420 sats
7 Feb
GM, GFY and GN
420 sats
8 Feb
We didn’t grow up smoking cigarettes and huffing lead paint. But our environment exposes us to plastics and chemicals. Enough to shrink mens taints and lower T.
251 sats
9 Feb
Ordinals will work themselves out. Once it becomes stupid expensive to put nft apes on the blockchain then people will realize how precious block space is. Let the fee market develop and decide. Layer 2s will benefit from base layer congestion as well and act as a release valve
100 sats
8 Feb
Yesterday I bought in game items in a stupid game with BTC. Got the "dealer" to spin up a lightning wallet and had his funds sent over instantly. From wallet creation to settlement, took maybe 5 minutes. They were astounded. Felt amazing!