The Truth About Nuclear Energy with Anthony Jared
The Truth About Nuclear Energy with Anthony Jared
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“I don’t like to call myself an environmentalist because that’s such a subjective term, but I’m very, very, very conscientious of the environment... I try extremely hard to make sure that my carbon footprint is very small, and I’m telling you, Nuclear is 100% the answer... there is nothing even comparable, not even in the ballpark by an order of magnitude.”
— Anthony Jared

Anthony Jared is a 30-year Navy veteran and who has operated nuclear reactors on both nuclear submarines & aircraft carriers. In this interview, we discuss the truth about nuclear energy, the safety concerns and why there has been such a prolific anti-nuclear movement.

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Nuclear energy is a contentious issue. And yet…

In terms of death rates per unit of electricity production, accounting for accidents and conservative pollution assessments, nuclear energy is the second safest source of energy: solar has 0.02 deaths per TWh, nuclear 0.03, Oil 18.43, coal 24.62, and brown coal 32.72. This equates to someone dying prematurely as a result of nuclear every 33 years in a town of 150,000, whilst in the same town as a result of coal 25 people per year would die prematurely.

Nuclear is the cleanest energy source. Per GWh, nuclear produces 3 tonnes of greenhouse gases, solar 5 tonnes, natural gas 490 tonnes, oil 720 tonnes, and coal 820 tonnes.

Little nuclear waste is generated, particularly where waste is reprocessed: in France, less than 0.2 of the waste is high level. US Oak Ridge National Laboratory estimates coal-powered plants carry 100 times more radiation than nuclear power plants into the surrounding environment.

Further, nuclear has the potential to be the cheapest energy source. A cost comparison is complex: for every analysis stating nuclear is the most economical energy source, there’s a report stating the opposite. However, nuclear investment has dropped considerably. In 1979 234 reactors were under construction around the world. In 2022 there were 59. Innovation and economies of scale haven’t benefited nuclear. Rather, it’s been beset by increasing regulatory costs.

Why is nuclear energy a contentious issue and what is the truth?

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12,498 sats
5 Feb
"...the media feeds that, because thy are not nuanced or educated enough to have the nuanced conversation on air." Wow!... I Do Agree with most of what is being said, and we should be building more nuke plants, but for a smart guy he missed it here. The media doesnt think, it just does what it is told and follows the script. Commenting on the media's actions and not considering that to be at least a major factor is disingenuous. Maybe this guy is the plant.
3,000 sats
10 Feb
best nuclear discussion I've heard, ever. awesome. thank you.
2,500 sats
22 Feb
This episode was awesome!! I was jumping of excitement! SO to Anthony, he’s one bad nuclear MF!🚀
1,000 sats
5 Feb
Thanks Pete! I can always count on your podcast to inform and inspire. Keep it up please
1,000 sats
5 Feb
very good episode. i concur in everything he said
500 sats
4 Feb
Nukes are the future. Another great guest would be Kirk Sorensen of Flibe Energy. LFTR is awesome for safety and waste. great show!
500 sats
15 Feb
great episode as always
210 sats
5 Feb
Maybe the greatest episode I’ve heard about nuclear energy!
200 sats
5 Feb
great show. loved it
100 sats
7 Feb
This information needs spread everywhere! No discussion about “clean” energy should be had until this information is discussed and understood by all sides!
100 sats
7 Feb
Concentrated nuclear waste and its generational damages it causes is the main reason against nuclear energy that I’m being told on a regular basis. This episode was a huge eye-opener.
100 sats
7 Feb
great info. I love your exploration of this space, Peter