Listener Questions & Feedback – Epi-3237
Listener Questions & Feedback – Epi-3237
The Survival Podcast
In this listener feedback episode I answer a variety of recent questions and feedback that you guys have sent me by email, social media, YouTube comments, etc. Today we cover last weeks poll results & bootagrams, algae in aquaponics, bugs Continue reading →
1,000 sats
2 Feb
thanks for the info on the hydro. I think the store staff only thinks about CBD growing. they were aghast that I would even try growing the garage. they clame alge spores are on everything so you have to remove the spores. I am going to lower the level, made better sense since alge needs nutrients, water and light. lower the water and no water and nutrients. on the stacker forums they suggested covering the pellets with a thick trash bag, that you just cut a slit and put in the plug.
500 sats
1 Feb
Steve Raisner (possibly one of the best tspc guests of last year) has been making some interesting and easy to make knf style ferments that I am looking forward to trying on my seeds and plants this year. He also mentions in this video you can use Spirulina to combat algae growth. Just search for super labs or follow the link :
500 sats
31 Jan
The Dr. absolutly needs to look at DPC! I first heard about it 10 years ago but there was no one in my area. We finslly got one in our town and I've been with her for a year now and love it. We xhanged our insurance to HSA plan and use the HSA card to pay the monthly fee and save money comoared to higher insurance and copays.
200 sats
5 Feb
Great info as always. Thanks Jack
100 sats
31 Jan