Jameson Lopp: Bitcoin Covenants, OP_VAULT, Upgrade vs. Ossification & Casa Changes
Jameson Lopp: Bitcoin Covenants, OP_VAULT, Upgrade vs. Ossification & Casa Changes
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Jameson Lopp is a technologist who has been involved in the bitcoin space for over 10 years. He has worked at bitcoin companies, created and contributed to several educational resources, and co-founded Casa, a service which helps customers self-custody their bitcoin.
Jameson recently hit me up, asking if I'd be interested in a discussion about 'bitcoin covenants'. While I tend to focus more on the 'personal', 'cultural', or 'philosophical' aspects and implications of bitcoin, I am still quite interested in what's happening in the technical department, and even more so about how different people think about the appropriate approach or process to making upgrades to bitcoin.
It seemed to be like Jameson would be a great person to have this discussion with, and I was interested in hearing more about his background generally, so we set it up.

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1,111 sats
5 Feb
Really interesting guy. So interesting to hear about the protocol side of things
1,000 sats
31 Jan
great discussion! Bitcoin consensus is so beautiful! it really looks a thing of nature we are just discovering!;