100 Melissa - Partner in (crime) Life
100 Melissa - Partner in (crime) Life
Meyrick's Dabbling Path
Melissa is my partner in Crime. She is a Chef by profession and a humble cook at heart 
During this conversation, we discussed, 
- Her background
- Why she loves cooking 
- The importance of doing what you love - Value of knowing where your food comes from
- What goes on behind the scenes in the hospitality industry
- Career change
- Value of having a community of like-minded individuals
- Experience at the bitcoin bush bash
- Significance of self-defence
- In society, chefs play a bigger role than doctors
- Her ideal restaurant set-up
Books Mentioned:
21 Lessons - @dergigi
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You can find Melissa on 
Instagram: melissa_karzai
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10,000 sats
9 Feb
loving the banter and Melissa's story and passion. could she start a carnivore restaurant in Melbourne using ABI?
10 Feb
soon Cris soon...
1,000 sats
8 Feb
Pure honesty. Love it.