Meyrick's Dabbling Path
Meyrick's Dabbling Path
These conversations do not fall into a specific category, rather falls into a varied number of topics. To put it simply, conversations that go with the flow. Personally, I'm interested in psychology, science, health and fitness, bitcoin, nature, travel, business, technology, society, religion, politics, music and art. These conversations are with people who not only share similar interests but also their own unique interests, in the process introducing me to ideas, beliefs and teachings that I am oblivious of. Making them a learning experience for me and hopefully you.
100 Melissa - Partner in (crime) Life
1/29/2023 • 1hr 9m
Melissa is my partner in Crime. She is a Chef by profession and a humble cook at heart  During this conversation, we discussed,  - Her background - Why she loves cooking  - The importance of doing what you love - Value of knowing where your food comes from - What goes on behind the scenes in the hospitality industry - Career change - Value of having a community of like-minded individuals - Experience at the bitcoin bush bash - Significance of self-defence - In society, chefs play a bigger role than doctors - Her ideal restaurant set-up Books Mentioned: 21 Lessons - @d...
099 Jayant Bhandari - Advisor to Institutional Investor
1/25/2023 • 1hr 2m
Jayant is constantly travelling the world to look for investment opportunities, particularly in the natural resource sector. He advises institutional investors about his finds.  He has written on political, economic and cultural issues for the Liberty magazine, the Mises Institute (USA), Mises Institute (Canada), Mises Institute (India), Casey Research, Acting Man, International Man, Mining Journal, Zero Hedge, Lew Rockwell, Fraser Institute, Le Québécois Libre, Mauldin Economics, Northern Miner, Mining Markets etc. Furthermore, he is a contributing editor of the Liberty magazine. He runs a yearly philosophy seminar in Vancouver, Capitalism & Morality.
098 Paco - Run With Bitcoin
1/19/2023 • 1hr 9m
Paco de la India.   Paco is on a mission to travel to 40 countries within 400 days using Bitcoin only. During this conversation, we discussed,  - His background - What led him to make that decision - His travels and adventures before Bitcoin - Couch surfing - His childhood in Muscat  - Everyone lives in a bubble - Demonetisation in India - Difficulties he faced travelling through a war zone - Are electric vehicles the future?
097 Mumbai meet up
12/30/2022 • 41m
I recently presented at a Bitcoin meet-up, in Mumbai. Where I discussed the importance of digital privacy, shared tips from @_k3tan Ministry of Nodes and discussed the significance of having a bitcoin only exchange.  If you found this insightful/entertaining, all I ask is that you share it with 1 other person. - Much love ✌️ Podcasting 2.0 apps Fountain FM - Breez - Sign up to the easie...
096 Michael Dunworth - Time Traveller
12/24/2022 • 1hr 25m
Michael Dunworth Co-Founder Wyre Payments @sendwyre. A payments infrastructure platform called Wyre. Providing on ramp, security, and exchange solutions for developers building in the industry. During this conversation, we discussed,  - How he found Bitcoin - Backstory about Wyre Payments - His brief time with Shitcoins - Why trading is gambling - Immense and ongoing value he gets out of bitcoin - CBDCs are here: Tether and USDC - Experience running nodes - Dodging the FTX bullet - Indian a...
095 Chris - BitcoinAlive
12/19/2022 • 1hr 7m
Chris is one-third of the organisers behind Bitcoin Alive, Australia's first Bitcoin-only large-scale conference. Chris has also helped found several other projects including a hardware wallet company, Coinstop, a Bitcoin mining company, Alpha Hashrate, and other software development companies. A passionate, community-based Bitcoiner, Chris loves engaging with other bitcoiners and talking about all things Bitcoin.  During this conversation, we discussed,  - His background - Rabbit hole journey   - Attending and hosting meet-ups - His recent travels to multiple Bitcoin events - The changes he not...
094 LaserEyesCards
12/11/2022 • 1hr 59m
Laser Eyes Cards Four of the five Bitcoiners and founders of Laser Eyes Cards join Meyrick for this podcast. Listen in to how they individually fell down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, why meet-up groups, then merchant adoption, could be a cornerstone to Bitcoin’s success. Thanks to Chris for the new tag line: "Normalise, don’t evangelise Bitcoin!". Plus hear how Laser Eyes Cards came about, making spending bitcoin, and using it as a very easy to use everyday currency, which happens to be the hardest sound money that we’ve ever produced; and last but not least, listen to Mey...
093 BitcoinBushBash - Time Preference
12/8/2022 • 18m
I recently presented at the bitcoinbushbash. Where i discussed time preference, what I learnt from DCAing and my journey with martial arts and podcasting.  If you found this insightful/entertaining, all I ask is that you share it with 1 other person. - Much love ✌️ Podcasting 2.0 apps Fountain FM - Breez - Based in Australia - Sign up to Australia’s first Bitcoin only exchange HardBlock -
092 John Tiernan - Founder at PoW Foods
12/3/2022 • 1hr 3m
John Tiernan is a school teacher by profession, but has been a long time bitcoiner and sells honey and beef for bitcoin. As John puts it he is a husband, father, bitcoiner, Beef lover. He kneels at the altar of satoshi.  John is also the founder of PoW Foods During this conversation, we discussed,  - How he found bitcoin - Story behind him getting the name bitcoin bee keeper  - How he learnt about beekeeping - His travels and social work in Guatemala - Iri...
091 Richard La - Music Producer
11/29/2022 • 49m
Richard La is the man behind the brilliant bitcoin music videos.   During this conversation, we discussed,  - His background - His journey with Bitcoin - San Francisco Bay Area Meet-ups - Utility of Money - His music making journey - The inspiration and creative process - Bitcoin meme culture - Applications and implications of micropayments - Soft fork debates - Yield on Bitcoin - FTX collapse is nature healing itself - Is...
090 Patrick Melder - Lago Bitcoin
11/23/2022 • 56m
Patrick Melder of @LakeBitcoin.  Bitcoin Lake / Lago Bitcoin Guatemala During this conversation, we discussed,  - His Background - What go him into bitcoin - His brief time with shitcoins and how his focused changed to bitcoin only - What took him down to Guatemala - Christiana missions at Guatemala - Bitcoin as a tool for the global south  - Bitcoin educational efforts in Panajachel - Birth of the Bitcoin Lake / Lago Bitcoin Guatemala - Learnings from vis...
089 Raahul Choudhary - Meet-up Host
11/19/2022 • 1hr 6m
Raahul Choudhary is an early adopter of BITCOIN. He was introduced to BITCOIN in 2013, not having a financial background, he decided to go down the rabbit hole and discovered the vast potential of decentralisation. Being in the trade of diamonds and understanding how traditional finance works he discovered an entirely new way of understanding money and it's history through Bitcoin. This newly emerging community built his passion and curiosity around this new disruptive face of finance, the technology, and provided an inclusive learning experience.  The freedom that decentralisation brings to the world inspired him to c...
088 Zezo Duarte - Explorer
11/16/2022 • 1hr 4m
Zezo Duarte has been on the road for the last 22 years. He has a philosophy background, which brought him right back to the Bright side of Bitcoin. During this conversation, we discussed,  - His philosophy background - How he discovered bitcoin - Bitcoin Education and adoption in Brazil - Regulations and taxes in Brazil - Why trading is not for everyone - Going from 0.3 BTC to 9 BTC in 3 months - Hitting rock bottom - Why it’s never bor...
087 Francesco ₿arbati - Moneydelics
11/12/2022 • 1hr 5m
Francesco is a husband, dad of 2 and full on bitcoin and freedom maximalist. With his wife, they run an Amazon store and a podcast management agency. He moved to El Salvador to help promote the bitcoin movement and he’s the host of the Moneydelics podcast. Can follow his Bitcoin adventures in El Salvador on his YouTube channel: Moneydelics - Bitcoin In El Salvador, and reach out to him on Twitter @moneydelics. During this conversation, we discussed,  - His background - What got him to focus only on Bitcoin ...
11/6/2022 • 1hr 37m
Inspired by the reality of objectivism, MADEX creates artwork for the worthy individuals and artists that preserve the great motor of the world and manifest the pursuit of excellence.  In 2018, a radical group of sovereign entrepreneurs recruited MADEX to express their free-market ethics and limited government philosophy into a compelling and sexy aesthetic phenomenon. His instantly recognisable process emerged as the cultural catalyst of the sound money revolution, a divine revelation which purified his purpose and transformed his existence from observation to revolution. During this conversation, we discussed,  - His background and journey as an artist - How he found bi...
085 Jeremy Majid - CEO ABiB
11/3/2022 • 1hr 9m
Jeremy Majid is the CEO of the Australian Bitcoin Industry Body (ABiB) During this conversation, we discussed,  - His background - What led him to discover bitcoin - How staking on Ethereum makes it a centralised network - Experience at his first bitcoin meet-up - Technology is the driver for monetary systems - Significance of getting positive bitcoin articles on mainstream media - The backstory of ABiB - Plans for ABiB - His sources for news a...
084 Leo Wandersleb - WalletScrutiny
10/30/2022 • 1hr 9m
Leo Wandersleb is a Mathematician, Founder and main contributor of  During this conversation, we discussed,  - His background - How he found bitcoin  - Hashing functions - Importance of FOSS - Other technical aspects of bitcoin - What led him to start WalletScrutiny - The review process at WalletScrutiny - The team at WalletScrutiny - Future plans for WalletScrutiny - Coinjoing and black & white bitcoin ...
083 FractalEncrypt - Cypherpunk Artist
10/25/2022 • 1hr 51m
FractalEncrypt is a Cypherpunk Artist infusing software, math, art, tech, and chemistry into biological interfaces.  During this conversation, we discussed,  - His personal background and how he found bitcoin - Early days exploring shitcoins and NFTs - Learning why NFTs are the complete opposite of what they claim to be  - Inspiration of creating the Full Node Sculpture - His journey creating the Time chain Codex graphic novel / comic book - Ancient civilisations - Terence McKenna’s “stoned ape theory” - P...
082 Daniel Wilczyski - Founder HARDBLOCK
10/22/2022 • 1hr 8m
Daniel Wilczynski one of OG Bitcoiners from Australia. Dainel started Australia’s first Bitcoin only exchange Hard Block back in 2014 During this conversation, we discussed,  - His personal background and interest as young individual - His journey of finding out about and getting obsessed with bitcoin - Why his mom wanted to take him to a Psychiatrist (bitcoin mind virus)  - His journey with Bitcoin and not having to work a fiat mining job - The origin story of Hard Block - Some...
081 Jacob Wolki - Farmer
10/18/2022 • 1hr 19m
Jacob Wolki is a farmer, salesman, rambler and entrepreneur from Albury, NSW. He own Wolki Farm, a multi species regenerative farm and butchery that producers beef, pork, lamb, chicken and eggs. During this conversation, we discussed,  - His background  - How health issues led him to discover regenerative farming  - The concept of “Healing Food” - The feedback he receives from his customer - His 2 rules at home - The overall operation at Wolki farms - The interference of the  bureaucr...
080 Knut Svanholm - ∞/21M
10/15/2022 • 1hr 9m
Knut’s books are best described as guided meditation that soothe the experienced and tutor the uninitiated in the ways of bitcoin. Knut used to have a fiat life as a ship captain, and now you may choose him as the captain of your bitcoin space ark to navigate the stormy seas of fiat imposition and swells of cognitive dissonance. Grounded in logic and unbound in spirit, Knut offers something for everyone.  During this conversation, we discussed,  - His personal background - What led him down the Bitcoin Rabb...
079 Moses Sahontatoken - Chief Poundmaker
10/12/2022 • 54m
Moses Sahontatoken is a regular Pleb and lover of life. His message to you, “Remember kids, expose your testosterone generators to ultraviolet fusion rays at least once a day. ☀️”   During this conversation, we discussed,  - His personal background - What led him down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole - Azoílla: Living Power Generation Technology - Zero waste Bitcoin mining  - Monetising agricultural waste for Bitcoin mining - His hunting experience - Significance of Bone Broth and organ meats - Bone Broth b...
078 Nozomi Hayase - Liberation Psychologist
10/9/2022 • 1hr 1m
Nozomi Hayase, Ph.D., is a prolific writer in the Bitcoin space with a background in psychology and human development. She is a contributing writer to the Bitcoin Magazine. She focuses on Bitcoin’s incentives and its psychological and philosophical implications. In her independent publishing platform, “The Way of the Heart”, she explores the Bitcoin rabbit hole experience as a cultural phenomenon that fosters profound individual transformations. During this conversation, we discussed,  - Her background and what led her to down the rabbit hole - Early works of Wiki Leaks and req...
077 Jeph Bitcoiner
10/8/2022 • 46m
Jeph is a 23 y/o, Biochemist by profession from Uganda. He is also a catalyst for Machankura, a lightning custodial service implemented over ussd and currently running in 9 African countries and counting. During this conversation, we discussed, - His background and what led him to find Bitcoin - What is money and inflation - Why grassroot adoption is critical - Merchant adoption in Uganda - Work done by Machankura @Machankura8333 - Bitcoin meet-ups in Uganda - FOSS...
076 Sama Katharo - Bitcoin Consciousness
10/5/2022 • 1hr 18m
Sama Katharo strives towards physical, spiritual and digital sovereignty. He coaches people to access their energy body, raise their frequency and shed their programming to embody their true self. He runs an online meditation course and men's group. Furthermore, he also writes articles and hosts the Bitcoin Consciousness podcast. During this conversation, we discussed,  - How Sama found Bitcoin - What made him leave his fiat job - What led him down the spiritual path - Near-death experiences  - What is an “Energy Body” and ho...
075 Dan & Mike - High Hash Rate Podcast
10/2/2022 • 1hr 28m
Dan & Mike are the host of the High Hash Rate Podcast, a podcast where Bitcoiners get high and have shallow conversations about deep subjects. Both of them are ex-US Air Force and both currently work at Swan. Dan is a software engineer at Swan and Mike, a content creator at Swan.  During this conversation, we discussed,  - Dan’s experience working in the Air-Force and life during his deployment. - Bitcoiner Jobs and Bitcoiner Events - How Dan and Mike met and what led them to start the High...
074 Carri Lee - Podcaster
9/30/2022 • 1hr 9m
Carri Lee is a Podcaster, and a self-employed educator.  During this conversation, we discussed,  - Her professional journey - How she was introduced to crypto and how she managed to separate Bitcoin from the rest  - Melbourne lockdowns and how she was forced to look for other streams of income  - Bitcoin Conference Miami experience and volunteering at the event - The nuances of trading, technical analysis and why trading is not for everyone Books Mentioned: Principles For...
073 Bill Hill - Bitcoin Island Philippines
9/27/2022 • 1hr 1m
Bill Hill is the man that got the ball rolling to create Bitcoin Island Philippines.  During this conversation, we discussed,  - Bill’s personal journey towards discovering Bitcoin - What made him move to the Philippines and the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) lifestyle - Inception of Bitcoin Island Philippines - The local adoption of Bitcoin - The education and onboarding efforts - The use and application of Pouch Lightning Wallet - How they managed to get over 160 merchants to accept Bitcoin
072 Lady Anarki - Bitcoin Educator
9/25/2022 • 1hr 10m
Lady Anarki is a Bitcoin Educator focusing on Self-Custody & Security. She also organises local Bitcoin meet-ups in Moscow, Russia During this conversation, we discussed,  - How she discovered Bitcoin - Keynesian Economics and Austrian Economics - Importance and significance of decentralised money - Bitcoin self-custody & security - The Bitcoin education and security services she offers - Why is self-custody a critical aspect of Bitcoin - The local Bitcoin scene in Moscow, Russia - Experience at Honey Badger 2022
071 Sambuddha Mitra Mustafi - Journalist & Filmmaker
9/20/2022 • 42m
Sambuddha Mitra Mustafi is a journalist and filmmaker, currently writing a book on Bitcoin's political theory, titled The Consensus of Civilizations. Earlier he was South Asia Producer with the BBC, where he extensively covered the Afghanistan war and other important stories in the region. He has written for the BBC, The New York Times, Columbia Journalism Review, Caravan magazine, The Hindu Business Line, and The Economic Times. Sambuddha did his MA in Politics from Columbia University’s Journalism School in New York, where he was a Fulbright scholar. During this conversation, we discussed,  ...
070 Keegan Francis aka BitcoinKeegan
9/17/2022 • 1hr 10m
Keegan Francis is a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Subject-Matter Expert. Among other things, he is an entrepreneur, programmer, problem solver, podcaster, writer, and tinkerer with all things tech. His mission is to meet individuals on their level and reveal to them their own power to improve their wellbeing through Bitcoin. Keegan is building a Bitcoin lightning routing node. Connect and open a channel with him:  During this conversation, we discussed,  - His Jo...
069 Andrew K - Importance of Privacy
9/12/2022 • 1hr 36m
Andrew, a former fiat slave, now a carnivorous bitcoin zealot. Andrew is the author of a daily letter called Bitcoin Unlocked (highly recommend that you subscribe to it), where he dives deeply into the transformational nature of bitcoin and how he believes it changes the game from incentivising short-term zero-sum games, flipping the board on its head to a world where the path of least resistance is to play long-term win-win games instead. Learn more about Andrew in episode 059 During this conversation, we discussed,  - transition from analog to digital is a paradigm shift.
068 Rauri D - Bitcoin Maximalist
9/10/2022 • 1hr 36m
Rauri is a Bitcoin Maximalist. During this conversation, we discussed,  - How Rauri was introduced to Bitcoin, the impact Bitcoin has had on his life and the positive path that he is currently on.  -The significance of meditation, gratitude and “putting your oxygen mask on first”.  - His Bush Bash experience and experience at a Men’s Retreat Books Mentioned: THE UNCOMMUNIST MANIFESTO The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health If you...
067 Rajarshi Maitra - Bitcoin Developer
9/4/2022 • 54m
Raj is a super-intelligent Bitcoin developer and community builder. He is also among the few developers that have received a developer grant from Spiral BTC. To learn more about Raj, checkout episode 051 During this chat, we discussed: - Bitcoin’s origin story and the early attempts of creating an internet based money. - The ongoing need for developers to contribute, verify and maintain Bitcoin, who are ‘Maintainers’ in Bitcoin and the idea of fluid structures. - What are Pull Request and what a...
066 Prabhuraj Bhandekar - Founder at MAAFAADESIGNS
9/4/2022 • 1hr 26m
Prabhuraj Bhandekar is the founder of MAAFAADESIGNS; Temple of Simplicity He is a rebel at heart, a creative thinker, an individual that does not fit a box. He is a designer and his designs are sold to across the global. Furthermore, he believes in sustainability and hemp is the fabric of choice. During this conversation we discussed, his journey with designing, and his early life. We also discuss  the education system, the parasitic monetary system, the clown world we live in and the current European energy crisis. If you found this insightful/e...
065 Andrew Keir - Macro Outlook
8/31/2022 • 1hr 42m
Andrew, a former fiat slave, now a carnivorous bitcoin zealot. Andrew is the author of a daily letter called Bitcoin Unlocked (highly recommend that you subscribe to it), where he dives deeply into the transformational nature of bitcoin and how he believes it changes the game from incentivizing short-term zero-sum games, flipping the board on its head to a world where the path of the least resistance is to play long-term win-win games instead. We discussed: -Melbourne meetup. -ETH merge. Slashing to "solve" censorship. Tornado cash and sanctioning FOSS software
064 Farooq Ahmed - Bitcoin Pakistan
8/31/2022 • 1hr 1m
Farooq Ahmed is an entrepreneur, investor and bitcoin enthusiast. He's the founder and CEO of Arcift Technologies and also the parent behind Bitcoin Pakistan, which is a non-profit educational community focusing on bitcoin education and promoting the adoption in Pakistan. Seeking a better way for international transaction, Farooq found Bitcoin back in 2017. Moreover, going down the rabbit hole, Farooq realised Satoshi’s vision for Bitcoin. We discussed, how Bitcoin is the best version of Halal Money, the Islamic case for Bitcoin and how Bitcoin is the antidote for the fiat disease. Farooq, also shared how Pakistani’s view Bitcoin and...
063 Jake Woodhouse, Bitcoin and More
8/27/2022 • 1hr 2m
Jake Woodhouse, is a long time Bitcoin bull and has his own podcast, Bitcoin with Jake. During this conversation, Jake shared his background, his investing journey and what got him into Bitcoin. Moreover, Jake highlighted why he focuses all his free time towards learning more about Bitcoin and why he strongly believes in it. Jake also addressed questions regarding renting vs owning a property and traditional schools vs homeschooling If you found this insightful/entertaining, all I ask is that you share it with 1 other person. - Much love ✌️ Bitc...
062 Prasad - Co-Founder of Hexa Wallet
8/24/2022 • 1hr 19m
Prasad is the co-founder of Hexa Wallet (Bitcoin only wallet). During this conversation, Prasad gave me an insight into his professional background, where we worked on the Product side of things for several Financial Institutions. Additionally, he told me about how he was introduced to Bitcoin and how going down the Bitcoin rabbit hole compelled him to quit his well paid job to focus on building products and services for Bitcoin. Prasad also shared all new the exciting stuff brewing at Hexa wallet. He announced Bitcoin Keeper - a tool for estate management, to ensure your Bitcoin reach your...
061 Taufeeq Sheikh. What is Money
8/20/2022 • 1hr 7m
Taufeeq Sheikh is a Radio Host, Writer, Director, Actor and Entrepreneur. However, for this episode, we switched seats and had Taufeeq as the host. We discussed the history of money, the life cycles of money, the impact of going off the gold standard and the importance of having hard money. We discussed the significance of Bitcoin where beginners can get started with investing in Bitcoin and the concepts of soft wallets and hard wallets. Moreover, we briefly touched upon why Proof-of-work and proof-of-stake and why Ethreums move to proof-of-stake is a disastrous idea. If you found this...
060 Tanisha Jain Entrepreneur, Organizational Psychologist & Leadership Coach
8/17/2022 • 50m
Tanisha Jain is an entrepreneur and a leadership and well-being coach. She has a strong background and expertise in human & organizational development. Since her training at Columbia University, Tanisha has been a coach and a consultant to leaders, founders, freelancers, and mid-career professionals looking to gain the clarity and confidence they need to level up personally and professionally. Her coaching style is client-centric and action-oriented to support behaviour change through overcoming limitations. She is passionate about empowering the many like her: millennial women and people of colour to flourish into the best versions of themselves. Tanisha is the CEO...
059 Andrew Keir
8/14/2022 • 2hr 18m
A former fiat slave, now a carnivorous bitcoin zealot. Andrew is the author of a daily letter called Bitcoin Unlocked (highly recommend that you subscribe to it), where he dives deeply into the transformational nature of bitcoin and how he believes it changes the game from incentivizing short-term zero-sum games, flipping the board on its head to a world where the path of least resistance is to play long-term win-win games instead. Andrew is now focused on contributing to supporting the proliferation of freedom money in the world and seeks to work with and support like-minded and value-orientated businesses...
058 Hermann Vivier, Bitcoin Ekasi
8/8/2022 • 1hr 17m
Hermann Vivier is the founder of Bitcoin Ekasi & Surfer Kids. He and his wife started Surfer Kids a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) around 10 years ago to help empowerment of marginalized and impoverished youths through character-building activities that teach commitment and dedication.  After being inspired by Bitcoin Beach El Zonte he started Bitcoin Ekasi and promoted a circular economy for Bitcoin in his locality. We discussed his journey with Bitcoin, the challenges faced by Bitcoin Ekasi onboarding merchants and the various activities they conduct to provide education to locals.   If you found this insightful/entertaining, all I as...
057 The 2BitIdiots
8/2/2022 • 1hr 14m
For this one, I was joined by the host of the entraining and educational Bitcoin Podcast - 2BitIdiots. That is I was joined by StackingHats and BitcoinBrendo. During our conversation, we discussed their personal journey with Bitcoin.  We discussed the importance of privacy, their experience with running a node and if in the long run DCAing beats timing the market. Additionally, I picked their brains on renting versus owning a property and their thoughts on self-managed super funds.  If you found this insightful/entertaining, all I ask is that you share it with 1 other person. - Much love ✌️ Podcasting 2.0 apps Founta...
056 Jonny, host of 'The Staying Free Podcast'
7/30/2022 • 1hr 24m
Jonny is the host of the brilliant, “The Staying Free Podcast.” Through his podcast, Jonny aims to enable conversation that highlights the importance of individual freedoms, living a life of purpose and the significance of being sovereign individuals. During our conversation, we discussed, his podcasting journey, and the valuable learnings and insights he gains from podcasting. Jonny also shared how bitcoin found him and what strengthen his beliefs in bitcoin. Moreover, we discussed his journey of going vegan and why he believes veganism is the next step in the libertarian movement. Additionally, we outlined why society will be heading to s...
055 Abhilash S Nair Core Team - Hexa Wallet and Bitcoin4India
7/25/2022 • 1hr 2m
Abhilash works full-time with Hexa wallet (a self-custody bitcoin wallet) and contributes end-to-end with product development. He is also a core contributor to Bitcoin4India - a volunteer-led initiative to unite Indian bitcoiners.  During this conversation, we discussed Abhi’s role at Hexa wallet, the differences between custodial and self-custody solutions, his journey with Bitcoin and the key differences between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, we discussed the ethos behind Bitcoin4India, and the work being done to educate and onboard more Indians to Bitcoin through the Bitcoin4India initiative via meetups & conferences.   Books mentioned: Blockchain Revo...
054 Nirbhik, Entrepreneur
7/19/2022 • 1hr 33m
Nirbhik is the founder of the Dapp list, a crypto incubation platform. Prior to the dapp list, Nirbhik worked at Polygon Matic in the early days of the project. We discussed his journey in crypto, what was it working on internet projects, and his early inclinations toward the internet. We also discussed the history of money, the current economic crisis and the current bear market.   You can find Nirbhik here - The Dapplist - Follow me on Twitter - MeyrickDabs Instagram - fortheeye h...
053 Kapil, Scientist, Sound Healer and Artist
7/9/2022 • 1hr 1m
Kapil is a scientist by training and has worked 7 years in India, France and the US doing cutting edge work in embryology, parasitology, microscopy, biophotonics and systems biology. From 2015 to 2020 he was off-grid travelling and learning mindfulness, shamanism, breathwork, music (he learned several instruments in this time), sound design, sound and art therapy. (Also he is a prolific slam poet and improviser.) His motive for this was partly discovering that he had autism and also his exposure to psychedelic culture and a long-standing interest in arts computation engineering and scientific...
052 Dhrupad, Tech Lawyer
7/3/2022 • 1hr 46m
Dhrupad is a Corporate Lawyer that focuses on technology and one of the partners at Panda Law. Panda Law is a tech-first law firm based out of India. They are a one-stop-shop for all advisory needs when it comes to the crypto/ blockchain industry. Dhrupad is also a litigator, practising in Delhi and Guwahati for over 13 years, helping clients resolve corporate and commercial disputes. We discussed technology law and the course it's taking in the market. We dove in-depth discussing the history of money, the characteristics of sound money and the current recessionary markets we are in. We also...
051 Rajarshi Maitra Bitcoin Dev
6/24/2022 • 1hr 3m
Raj is a super-intelligent rust (Bitcoin) developer and community builder. He is also among the few developers that have received a developer grant from Spiral BTC. Raj has ventured deep down the bitcoin rabbit hole and truly understands bitcoin's disruptive nature. We pondered the history of money, what constitutes a good store of value and a medium of exchange. Raj also shared the interesting way he was introduced to bitcoin.   You can find Raj’s here - @rajarshimaitra   Follow me on Twitter - MeyrickDabs Instagram - fortheeye https://www.inst...
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076 Sama Katharo - Bitcoin Consciousness
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076 Sama Katharo - Bitcoin Consciousness
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063 Jake Woodhouse, Bitcoin and More
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