Read_693 - Lightning & The Airport Analogy [Danny Scott]
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Read_693 - Lightning & The Airport Analogy [Danny Scott]

19 Jan • 31m
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"But as with all new technology, it can be incredibly hard to explain what’s actually happening, without getting too complex. This got me thinking about Bitcoin education and how to ELI5 (Explain Like I’m 5) with Bitcoin Lightning, enter… Bitcoin Lightning: The Airport Analogy" - Danny Scott

Today we hit a short piece but a really great analogy in order to make sense of the lightning network. Since I've recently had a few people ask me about this and a fellow audionaut made a great suggestion for a short article, I thought this would be good to hit especially in the spirit of trying to get back to covering some of the fundamentals of Bitcoin and how it and many of the tools around it work, in simple, digestible explanations. And so we paint an easy picture of Lightning, with the Airport Analogy.

Link to Danny's medium page for his other writing and more from the CoinCorner Blog:

Another great pice mentioned in the Guy's Take is Isaiah's Job:
Check out the show on Fountain:

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"If you can't explain is simply, then you don't understand it well enough." – Albert Einstein
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50,000 sats
22 Jan
instead of back to basics. call it "Back to (the) Core" and then you can put "BTC" at the beginning of the episode. or even BTTC. regardless..... keep up the good work! appreciate all that you do!
hmm, that’s a thought! 🤔 I hold that one for a bit and see how it feels. thank you for the suggestion AND the amazing boost!! 🧡⚡️
34,567 sats
21 Jan
Found you and Clint on POTP a while back and forgot how I found you. The last time reminded me. I hope to get more normies listening to this show. Thanks in part to this show, I buy TX beef with BTC. Wish I had more choices to stack here in NYS.
HELL YEAH!.gif - awesome to hear man, we will probably be having another POTP in the not too distant future. 🙏🏻🧡
21,000 sats
24 Jan
What up man. Sorry my Umbrel died and I can't send 21 sats to you every 6 blocks anymore so I've decided to send you 21,000 sats on fountain every month.(Unless the price goes up 20x or something)
what up dude! thank you 🧡🙏🏻
3,690 sats
22 Jan
thanks for your work!!!
2,222 sats
20 Jan
Great content as always.
1,000 sats
24 Jan
I think caca means Doodoo in one of those eastern European Slavik languages. I love this airport analogy Guy. I had to listen to it twice. Now I’ll practice telling it and introduce it to a very important sceptic in my space.
1,000 sats
21 Jan
What if you just call it “Bitcoin Basics”? Just on the surface calling it “Back to Basics” sounds more like a review for people who already know the info.
good point. that’s something to consider. I do prefer the super simple options that you don’t have to think about, & this is even simpler than mine. 🤔
500 sats
1 Feb
500 sats
23 Jan
short read boost
500 sats
29 Jan
Great analogy for the Lightning Network, but I also liked some of the analogies that you expressed in your Guy's take afterward. Feels like there was a missed opportunity for the author to elaborate on hubs within the airline system, as I see large lightning nodes with spokes going out to many other "hubs" as well as individuals' nodes (regional small airports) as a great analogy for the necessity of such hubs within the airline traffic system.