Ricardo Arturo and Jack Chakany
Ricardo Arturo and Jack Chakany
Nostrovia - The Nostr Podcast

You can now find us on:


gsovereignty and bitkarrot


Ricardo Arturo https://github.com/Cameri

Jack Chakany https://github.com/jacany

Mentioned on the show

Nostr pastebin: nosbin.com

Mining a vanity pubkey: https://telegra.ph/How-to-create-a-POW-nostr-key-pair-01-04

Nostr.watch: http://nostr.watch/relays/find

Rana: https://github.com/grunch/rana

Shoutout to Rajwinder who put Nostrovia on https://btcnews.today/

Clubhouse nostr https://www.clubhouse.com/club/nostr

Spaces on nostr at https://spaces.nostrplebs.com/

https://iris.to a beautiful web client, is in early beta with infinite scrolling and caches the latest 1000 notest

strfry: a new #nostr relay written in C++ by Doug Hoyte ( https://hoytech.com/about )

Nostr Stats from nostr.band

116,431 profiles with bios

254,237 pubkeys writing events

3,000 sats
26 Jan
It's great to hear the back story of these projects.
1,000 sats
29 Jan
Keep ‘em’ coming!
100 sats
17 Jan
I was super surprised to hear that Nostr Plebs Spaces was mentioned on the show! Awesome. I'd love to get on your show and talk about my project NostrPlebs.com 🤙