BR019 - Proof of Keys Day Twitter Space ft. Lopp, Craig Raw, Lazy Ninja, mshodl, Rijndael & guests
Bitcoin.Review Podcast with NVK & Guests

BR019 - Proof of Keys Day Twitter Space ft. Lopp, Craig Raw, Lazy Ninja, mshodl, Rijndael & guests

12 Jan • 2hr 33m
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Show Notes

We held an impromptu Twitter spaces on Proof of Keys day to discuss Bitcoin self custody. I was joined by guests including Justine Harper, Jameson Lopp, Dee, Craig Raw, Lazy Ninja and Rijndael among others, to discuss all things Bitcoin self custody - from noob to self custody guru!
Discussion Topics:

00:07:46 Most common ways to lose coins
00:19:01 Passphrases
00:27:30 Leaving coins on exchanges
00:34:51 Metal backups
00:40:21 Wallet recovery
00:44:01 Singe sig roundup
00:44:45 Seed XOR
00:48:14 Multisig overview
00:51:34 Multisig solutions
00:57:28 Unchained capital collaborative multisig
01:00:56 Casa collaborative multisig
01:04:55 Nunchuk multisig
01:09:27 Summary of self custody solutions
01:17:12 Security
01:18:34 Can SHA256 be broken?
01:22:53 Entropy and secure key generation
01:29:30 Air gapping and secure software/hardware
01:36:59 Binaries
01:38:24 Hardware random number generators
01:46:00 Quantum computer risk
01:46:48 Multisig grifting attacks
01:49:13 All signing devices are not made equal
01:51:34 Rolling dice for entropy
01:52:18 Correctly adding entropy to key generation
01:54:15 Important features of hardware wallets
01:56:06 "Strength in numbers" in Bitcoin security
01:59:06 Different approaches to signing device security
02:00:34 True versus concatenated random number generators
02:04:00 Summary of complexities and theoretical risks in wallet generation
02:05:32 USB VS SD
02:11:00 Non secure chip attack vectors
02:12:40 Firmware attack vectors
02:15:38 Multichip approach to hardware security
02:16:18 Relevancy of weighting of dice for creating entropy

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great chat
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listened live, came here to leave a tip. keep killing it everyone!
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14 Jan
Great learnings and tips. Becoming one of my regular BTC listens now. Thanks!
15 Jan
Same here. Lots of good ideas and valuable information. Trying to make it more accessible through clips. ✌️
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not your keys, not your coins🫡
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