E91: Calle on Open Source Software, Lightning Development, LNBits, Cashu, & More
E91: Calle on Open Source Software, Lightning Development, LNBits, Cashu, & More
The Kevin Rooke Show

Calle is a Lightning developer who has worked on a handful of Lightning projects, including Lightning Tip Bot, LNBits, and Cashu.

In our conversation we talked about the Cambrian explosion of Lightning development happening lately, the importance of open source software, e-cash mints, and we did a deep-dive into the work Calle is doing on LNBits and Cashu today.

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00:00 - Intro

02:16 - Calle Intro

06:05 - The Cambrian Explosion in Lightning Development

17:08 - Why Calle Loves Open Source Software

29:44 - Was The Internet Built Backwards?

39:20 - Jack Dorsey’s Nostr Donation

40:50 - Lightning Tip Bot

54:09 - How Does LNBits Work?

1:05:32 - What Is Cashu & What Are E-Cash Mints?

1:14:08 - Will Custodial LN Wallets Integrate Cashu?

1:19:43 - The Lightning Round

10,000 sats
13 Jan
Great pod. few things 1. I doubled my boost because I saw almost half goes to opensats! amazing! 2. I tried LN bits many times but using it behind tor is a bummer. having to do all this complex tunneling sucks. 3. I hope stacker news can implement a e-cash mint to protect privacy!
500 sats
19 Jan
Thanks for great show. First time listening to it on Fountain.
400 sats
13 Jan
Nice interview!