Bitcoin & Value for Value to Empower Musicians - Joe Martin
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Bitcoin & Value for Value to Empower Musicians - Joe Martin

30 Dec • 1hr 0m
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How are musicians supposed to earn a living these days when streaming services pay a fraction of a penny per play and people have stopped buying music?  
Check out this episode with Joe Martin, an independent singer-songwriter and modern-day troubadour with an interest in exploring how technology can help to empower artists. 
Joe Martin writes with a quality of empathy beyond his years. His descriptive lyrics capture the stories of people and encounters picked up on the road. These tales of friends and strangers blend seamlessly with Joe’s own experiences into masterfully crafted songs that paint a picture with every verse, and the magic of his live performances lies in his ability to connect a room of people with the emotions of a life they have not lived.
The Lancashire-born singer-songwriter is deservedly gaining attention on both sides of the Atlantic seeing him play shows around the UK, Europe and legendary venues in Nashville, Tennessee. He grew up listening to the greats and has been influenced by artists from Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt to Jason Isbell and Kacey Musgraves which is evident his sound and lyrical style.
“The night I was at the Bluebird, a young Englishman with a rich voice named Joe Martin seemed primed for bigger things” - Jeremy Egner, New York Times
“Joe Martin is an artist who knows who he wants to be and has a voice of his own, a rare original glimmer in a sea of Nashville wannabes” - Six Shooter Country
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