TLS88: Will Reeves on Building Fold, Bitcoin Entrepreneurs, and the Lightning Network's Evolution
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TLS88: Will Reeves on Building Fold, Bitcoin Entrepreneurs, and the Lightning Network's Evolution

22 Dec • 1hr 23m
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Will Reeves is the CEO and co-founder of Fold, a platform that helps users earn Bitcoin rewards whenever they shop or use the Fold app.
We talked about the challenge of building a resilient Bitcoin business in all kinds of market conditions, Fold’s strategy of giving away hundreds of Bitcoin to users, and the ways in which the Lightning Network needs to differentiate itself from other payment platforms.
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00:00 - Intro
02:22 - Will Reeves Intro
08:49 - Why Will Decided to Build Fold
11:59 - Building Through Bull and Bear Markets
25:28 - Fold’s Gamification Strategy
32:23 - How Much Bitcoin Should Fold Pay Users?
40:19 - Bitcoin Venture Capital
56:50 - The Importance of the Lightning Network
1:08:03 - Issues with Comparing the Lightning Network to Fiat Rails
1:18:06 - The Lightning Round
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90,501 sats
22 Dec
over the year I have gained a substantial amount of education from your show and wanted to say thank you. Looking forward to 2023. happy holidays! also fold is literally the best. I can’t recommend this company enough
5,000 sats
22 Dec
first time listener really good podcast I like the questions you asked will.
2,500 sats
25 Dec
500 sats
27 Dec
great point!
121 sats
25 Dec
100 sats
24 Dec
such a great episode
100 sats
26 Dec
Great episode. Very excited to see the refinement of Bitcoin companies that stay afloat through cycles
100 sats
24 Dec
100 sats
22 Dec
Great to hear about how the business evolved.