Ep 96: Toward a Node World Order Part 1 With Michael Goldstein, aka; Bitstein.
Ep 96: Toward a Node World Order Part 1 With Michael Goldstein, aka; Bitstein.
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“All Bitcoin is paper bitcoin until verified by your own full node”

Bitstein is the co-founder of both The Nakamoto Institute and Noted Bitcoin Podcast & he’s one of the most well read people I’ve ever met.

He joins me on the show to discuss the first essay he’s written in a LOOOONG time, called:

Toward a Node World Order;

How Bitcoin Obsoletes Inflation & Promotes Human Flourishing.

Read it here:


We covered so much ground in this ep, that we split it into two parts.

In part one we cover:

Nodes. What they are, why they’re important and how they manifest our will onto the Bitcoin Network.

“Perpetual vigilance on the part of the citizens can achieve what a thousand laws and dozens of alphabetical bureaus with hordes of employees never have and never will achieve: the preservation of a sound currency.”

This is clearly how Bitcoin & nodes seem to have manifested his quote, but what do you think he envisioned when he said this?

What is the Malthusian Trap?

How did we solve for it?

The productivity theory of wages, and how Marxists in general get child labour so wrong.

Why real progress requires capital accumulation, technological advancement & public ideology

“There was never enough slaves to create an iPhone for the Pharaoh.”

Time preference

Why is the “evenly rotating economy” always going to be hypothetical ?

Why there will always be a necessity for Money

The state & public support

How money & banking help support a “good opinion” of the state (and at the very least the assumption that it’s a ’necessary evil’)

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