84: Hidden NAS
84: Hidden NAS

We're chatting about workstation builds for a home NAS with Joe Ressington this week. Chris chews on the news of the Evernote buyout and his challenges with Zigbee.

Special Guest: Joe Resington.

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  • Late Night Linux — Late Night Linux is a podcast that takes a look at what’s happening with Linux and the wider tech industry.
  • 2.5 Admins — 2.5 Admins is a podcast featuring two sysadmins called Allan Jude and Jim Salter, and a producer/editor who can just about configure a Samba share called Joe Ressington.
  • Choose your Zigbee channel wisely — Before optimizing your channels, it’s best to reduce the amount of traffic on the 2.4 GHz band. There are a few different ways of doing that. But it all boils down to removing as many devices from the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band as possible. As Zigbee devices can only use the 2.4 GHz band, there isn’t much you can do with them except minimizing the number of commands sent using Zigbee Groups.
  • Z Wave vs Zigbee — While Z Wave has a better track record of compatibility between products and never interferes with your Wi-Fi network, Zigbee is faster,has a greater range of signal, boasts on open protocol standard, and owns a significantly larger marketshare of the smart home product space.
  • Aeotec MultiSensor 7, 6-in-1 Zwave Sensors — Contains Monitor Motion, Temperature, Light, Humidity, UV, and Vibration, Z-Wave Plus, Gen7, S2, SmartStart Enabled, Compatible with Zwave
  • Evernote’s Next Move: Joining the Bending Spoons Suite of Apps — In the deal signed between Bending Spoons and Evernote, Bending Spoons agrees to take ownership of Evernote in a transaction expected to complete early in 2023.
  • Jupiter Broadcasting Matrix Info — Jupiter Broadcasting’s Rooms are organized into groups called “spaces”.
  • UptimeRobot: Free Website Monitoring Service — The world's leading uptime monitoring service.
  • The Helpful Idiot — Idiots don't have time for cable management.
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22 Nov
Hot boost from an OG SRE glad to hear JoeRess via JB! ZFS FTW! If you want more document management/info retrieval, how do you like Paperless* or Papermerge, maybe Mayan EDBS? Also, after much ado about home automation with lights and climate control, but what about door locks? Something like a self-hosted open-source Sesame w/no Internet connection needed, maybe with Bluetooth, NFC, ad-hoc WiFi? Many folks need non-invasive solutions that work w/existing locks, and manual override w/dumb keys.
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21 Nov
put Joe in to the boost split's ;-) thanks
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19 Nov
Notes? Try TiddlyWiki ❤️
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20 Nov
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19 Nov
+1 for Wendell back on. I also found JB through him
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27 Nov
Long-time self-hoster but still new-ish with this boosting. Loving the show! Keep up the great work!
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20 Nov
Try DokuWiki(no db notes with image support via imgpaste plugin) and sync notes to Nextcloud notes via sfilabs/dir_sync container. Have your notes accessible from three places DokuWiki webui+mobile app, nextcloud webui and on disk locally synced by NC client.
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18 Nov
trillium notes https://github.com/zadam/trilium maybe something to check but probably Joplin https://joplinapp.org I guess there is own cloud too. Like Joe asked, seems like a unicorn for a complete package. I see people ask about this topic in Reddit pretty regularly
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21 Nov