#374: Bitkit, Hypercore, and RBF with John Carvalho
#374: Bitkit, Hypercore, and RBF with John Carvalho
TFTC: A Bitcoin Podcast

Join Marty as he sits down with John Carvalho, CEO of Synonym to discuss Bitkit, Hypercore, and Slashtags, before later diving into into the RBF controversy.

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5,000 sats
14 Nov
really interesting episode. great to hear John’s perspective on RBF and great to hear about what synonym is up to
1,000 sats
11 Nov
Great episode. I am not technical but learned so much about the RBF debate. I have always thought RBF made sense but found the arguments against compelling. I think John should do more podcasts and less twitter.
500 sats
11 Nov
The Samourai Team has been beating the drum about "routing around Core" for years now, and this RBF-Default:ON honestly comes across as a Network Attack. Time for another UASF? 🤔
11 Nov
disagree, anyone building on 0-conf is building on a foundation of sand. RBF on by default is the right way to go in the long run.
100 sats
9 Dec
100 sats
11 Nov
100 sats
10 Nov
100 sats
12 Nov
100 sats
11 Nov
100 sats
11 Nov
Arguing for something in multiple ways does not a circular argument make, John. Disqualifying opponents by claiming gaslighting... I don't know man. Agree that waiting with defaulting to true is reasonable.
100 sats
11 Nov