Ep 93. Psychedelic Series Pt 2, Medicine or Mierda? With Brandon Quittem & Bitcoin Mechanic (Lex).
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Ep 93. Psychedelic Series Pt 2, Medicine or Mierda? With Brandon Quittem & Bitcoin Mechanic (Lex).

Nov 7 2022 • 2hr 31m
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Show Notes

What is the most honest use for Psychedelics?
- Spiritual, Medicinal, or Hedonism?

Welcome to the second Episode of The Psychedelic Series on The Wake Up Podcast.
Brandon Quittem & Lex, aka Bitcoin Mechanic join me to discuss a wide range of ideas, both for and against the use of such substances.

This is one of the best, and most requested series I've recorded.
More episodes coming up, and each will cover topics listed below, and more:

What are psychedelics?
Why Psychedelics?
Why did you choose to take this side of the discussion?
Why does it matter so much to you?
What is your story of psychedelics?
Did it make you more open or close minded?
What’s your position on Ego?
What’s your position on Masculine & Feminine energies?
What’s your position on trauma?
Are you familiar with the Adlerian School of Psychology?
Do you sit in the cause or effect side of the universal equation?
Who are people you respect. Current and ancient figures. Why?
What values do you respect in individuals?
What social norms do you think matter most, and which are we missing?
Do you think the world has issues right now that are resultant of liberalism or conservatism?
Do we live in a society that is over-medicated?
Are people weaker as a result of always having a cushion?
Thoughts about the normalisation of these substances in the modern age & their use by the ‘average person’?
Thoughts on their use as ‘medicines’?
Thoughts on their use as shortcuts or even pathways to ‘enlightenment’?
“Beware of Unearned wisdom”
Are psychedelics a tool?
If so, then are they not neutral?
And if neutral, are most people not good candidates for this?
If no, then why are they strictly good?
Are we not seeing the effects of a civilisation in moral decay because everything is liberated, progressive and relative?
Everything is apparently an illusion anyway, so fuck structure, fuck order, fuck ego and fuck authority. Is this not a danger?

+ So much more.

Tune in for the month of November to go down this rabbit hole.
You will NOT be disappointed.


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