Ep 91. Principles of Biblical Masculinity with Elliot Hulse
Ep 91. Principles of Biblical Masculinity with Elliot Hulse
Svetski Wake Up Podcast

"Respect goes up, Love comes down"

- Elliot Hulse

This is a show I've wanted to do for a very long time.

Elliot is someone I've respected since my early 20s when I watched his strong man and "Yo Elliot" videos on YouTube. In fact, it was around when YouTube first started. Crazy shit.

I've watched him transform, as I have transformed, and here we are more than a decade later having a discussion about topics of the utmost importance. Masculinity. Frame. The Bible.

We covered alot.

I asked him about his journey from Strong man into Christianity 

From Boy into Man.

We discussed:

  • Rites of passage
  • Ego death.
  • Frame
  • Attitude
  • Purpose.
  • Responsibility
  • Aggression

And something he said recently, which I found very, very powerful:

"Respect goes up, Love comes down"

We spoke about the point at which Chaos meet Order.

And how modernity has both weakened the Masculine and eroded the Feminine.

How we're simultaneously experiencing excessive stultification of false order and excessive moral relativism and feminine chaos.

I asked about the relationship of all this to the French Revolution

The initial tearing down of the Patriarchy, figuratively and literally speaking

The erosion of Fatherly rule in the family, 

How much was Louis 16th to blame?

Had he been more framed, would this have happened?

And lastly...

Men Marry, Women are given in marriage.

The passing of the Authority.

The Dowry

Father's relationship to the boy VS the girl.

There's alot more.

This has to be one of my best shows.


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21 Dec
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28 Oct
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16 Dec
Complete DOPE. Elliot Hulse is pure signal
22 Dec
thanks bro - yeah he’s a machine
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27 Oct
This episode really “shook the snow globe” in my head as a father of 2 teenage daughters. It’s a privilege to hear conversations among such thoughtful people to help sort through the confusion.
30 Oct
Thankyou brother ! I’m very happy to hear that
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24 Oct
Yo Elliot!
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25 Oct
fantastic conversation Aleks. these episodes about traditional masculinity have been a real Wake Up for me, honestly. i grew up with a christianity that lacked strong male leaders aside from thr biblical stories. that led me to look elswhere for proper roles to amplify my stronger traits. i've learned alot from taoism and related philosophy, but its encouraging to hear more mention of the desert fathers. i'll be digging into them for some better guidance
30 Oct
these are the responses I do this podcast for. enjoy the journey brother
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29 Oct
There is a renaissance of masculinity underway and it's happening through content like this.
30 Oct
Indeed there is bro !!
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Great discussion