Bitcoiner Book Club Review: 'When Money Dies' by Adam Fergusson
Bitcoiner Book Club Review: 'When Money Dies' by Adam Fergusson
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The idea of the Bitcoiner Book Club is to discuss books that seem relevant to the subjects and themes related to bitcoin, or otherwise found to be meaningful or interesting to bitcoiners (at a minimum), and therefore worthy of discussion / review.  
'When Money Dies' by Adam Fergusson is one such book, so we got a crew together to discuss.  
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SUBSTACK: Money Messiah

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29 Oct
great rip lads
30 Oct
Too kind sir. 👊🍻
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16 Oct
amazing work, please do more of this.
30 Oct
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13 Oct
Awesome discussion
30 Oct
Thanks brother!
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13 Oct
I am always so pumped about the Book Club episodes. I easily double my understanding through listening to these.
30 Oct
Sweet! I’ll try to do more!🍻
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8 Dec