Ep 85. Bitcoin is NOT a store of value. Bitcoin is Venice Series with Allen Farrington
Ep 85. Bitcoin is NOT a store of value. Bitcoin is Venice Series with Allen Farrington
Svetski Wake Up Podcast

Allen Farrington joins me again to discuss:

The Separation of Economy & Politik

The final Cantillon effect: NVK

"Violence tends to local monopoly"

"You can't be maximally free"

Why Bitcoin is NOT a Store of Value - At least in the way people think of it.

The store of value narrative is prematurely understood 

SoV is proportionality 

Perfect proportionality is perfect SoV

Who is Wittgenstein?

Why is Bitcoin derangement syndrome so prevalent ?

Allen makes some great reading recommendations in this episode:


Frederick Lane

Mencius Moldbug

Tryfon Tolides - An almost pure empty poetry

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Reguardless of who ends up with the most wealth, the overall wealth in the economy will be much greater because of Bitcoin. Bitcoiners are also mostly givers, unlike the takers that have lived off milking the fiat ponzi.
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what would it seem like if it seemed like Svetski interviewed Farrington?
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