Decentralised Dairy Farming in New Zealand with Glen Herud

Decentralised Dairy Farming in New Zealand with Glen Herud

The Transformation of Value

I talk with Glen Herud, the founder of Happy Cow Milk Company. Glen is focussed on decentralised dairy farming, where individual farmers are able to process and pasteurise their milk themselves using Glen's hardware specs, and connect in with a platform for supply and distribution of dairy products directly to businesses and consumers.  

In New Zealand the existing dairy industry is highly centralised and export focussed often at the expense of the local market. Though Happy Cow Milk Company is not specifically a Bitcoin business, by the end of this conversation I found many parallels with Bitcoin-thinking and the broader themes of transformation, authenticity, and change that is emerging globally. Happy Cow Milk Company is unique in its approach that seeks to decentralise, build alternative supply chains, and reroute around legacy systems to build something better.


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