537: This Makes Us Unemployable
LINUX Unplugged

537: This Makes Us Unemployable

19 Nov • 1hr 8m
Boost episode

Show Notes

Can we save an old Arch install? We'll attempt a live rescue, then get into our tips for keeping your old Linux install running great.


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26 Nov
Welcome to BSD Unplugged, where Chris misreads KDE release notes in the preshow! BSDs have had brightness control for decades, but desktop widgets/plasmoids for it were 3rd-party addons rather than prebundled in KDE/Plasma. This FreeBSD integration is a minor push, but it shows FreeBSD as a 1st-class target thanks to open collaboration w/KDE&FreeBSD projects. I wish more BSDers dogfooded their desktops *Allan*. For those of us who already do, it's fairly seamless for most workflows, esp. w/ZFS!
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20 Nov
This is a repeat zipcode that you actually missed yhe hint on, its for Wapakoneta Ohio which is the birthplace of Neal Armstrong and location of the Armstrong Air & Space Museum. Also since you asked I messed around with my nix config a little too much and would generate a huge amount of old generations on top of automagic daily updates that took place at 4 am thatbwas removed in an earlier commit. Anyways I'm off the nix train because theres a few business apps I need to run that Nix cant. glhf
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26 Nov
Since we needed a second Space Balls boost…
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21 Nov
Take all my Fountain Sats for "Cheese Moy*, pleeeeaase.... but stop saying these words. I had to chuckle through my whole 20minute-commute. Soooo funny hearing Chris when he reads names.
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22 Nov
With regards to the 32 bit challenge, have you though of contacting Gill from Destination Linux. she has 1000's of old hardware.
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19 Nov
joined, will boost once in a while, just had time to listen to the windows episode, LOL. windows for me is like adobe flash, I don’t want it anywhere near my computer, but something I want to run depends on it being installed.
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19 Nov
As always another great episode.