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Free Cities Podcast
The podcast of the Free Cities Foundation. Hosted by Timothy Allen.
EP 009: Landing Your Dream Job in a Free City with Zussel Ramos
1/20/2023 • 35m
Zussel Ramos is the C.O.O. of AmityAge Academy in the Free City project of Próspera in Roatán, Honduras. This interview will be the last one from my series of conversations recorded in Honduras and it is a very informal chat recorded in Próspera’s newly inaugurated Bitcoin Centre. Zussel is a wonderful young Honduran lady who ended up working her dream job in Prospera thanks to her interactions with the Students for Liberty organisation whilst at college.  In this conversation we discuss the work of the academy and some of the ch...
EP 008: Banking on the Free City Model with Sean Pawley
1/13/2023 • 1hr 2m
Timothy Allen talks to Sea Pawley. Sean is the founder and CEO of Seshat Bank which is the full service commercial bank currently being established in the Free City project of Próspera in Honduras. Topics mentioned in this conversation include: How to start a bank. The history of charter cities. Neo-medievalism. Pros & Cons of decentralisation of power. Artificial Intelligence. Funding war in pre-revolutionary France. ZEDEs and alternative governance models around the world. W...
EP 007: Bitcoin Education in a Free City with Dusan Matuska
1/6/2023 • 1hr 5m
Dusan Matuska is an entrepreneur, consultant & Bitcoin educator. I initially met Dusan in The Czech Republic during the Liberty In Our Lifetime conference but it wasn’t until our paths crossed again in San Salvador that I finally had the chance to sit down with him for an all to brief chat before he had to fly off to Roatán in Honduras where he has recently opened a Bitcoin eduction centre in the Free City project of Próspera. In this conversation we talk about Dusan’s decision to move to Próspera and how he...
EP 006: Mayor of a Free City with Jorge Colindres
12/30/2022 • 47m
Jorge Colindres is a lawyer, business consultant, and public policy analyst. He is currently acting as Technical Secretary of Próspera ZEDE, a Special Economic Zone in the Republic of Honduras with the status of an autonomous municipality, a common-law legal system, a policy of low taxes and free trade, and an independent financial supervision regime. In this episode we go into Jorge’s role at Próspera which is similar to that of a Mayor in a traditional municipality.  We also hear his opinions on the idea of ZEDEs… Honduras's so called Zones of Employment and Economi...
EP 005: 'COVID Refugees' with Tom & Emily Lahdenranta
12/23/2022 • 2hr 29m
Tom and Emily made the ultimate commitment to 'voting with their feet' when they sold their house and possessions in British Columbia and moved with their 3 young children to Central America. Their move to a better life was triggered by Canada’s strict COVID 19 restrictions, which had meant that, amongst other things, Emily was fired from her nursing job on account of her choice not to take a COVID 19 vaccination. This situation combined with what they considered to be the unacceptable and increasingly authoritarian trajectory of their own government, compelled them to leave their home country for Me...
EP 004 - Bitcoin & Free Cities with Stephan Livera
12/16/2022 • 1hr 15m
Timothy Allen talks to Stephan Livera. Stephan is the host of one of the world's leading Bitcoin podcasts and he is also the Managing Director at Swan Bitcoin International. He contributes to various outlets and publications including Bitcoin Magazine and Mises Institute as well as speaking at Bitcoin conferences internationally.  Previously he worked as an Australian Chartered Accountant for Deloitte, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Macquarie Bank. Stephan grew up in Sydney, Australia and studied Commerce with Accounting & Finance majors at the University of New South Wales. After speaking at The Free Cities F...
EP 003 - Building a Free City Bank with Christian Betancourt
12/9/2022 • 1hr 25m
Timothy Allen talks to Christian Betancourt. Christian is the Co-founder and General Counsel of Seshat Bank, a regional API-first commercial bank and the premier commercial bank from the Honduran special economic zones. He heads its Legal and Compliance departments. He also collaborates as a Fellow at the Fundación para la Libertad Económica, a think tank dedicated to the promotion of public policies that further economic development and social tolerance. Previously Christian was an associate at Consortium Legal – Honduras and Director of Consortium INOVA, the firm’s Center for Advancement in Business and Opportunities, as well as an...
EP 002 - Working in Próspera with Ricardo González
12/2/2022 • 1hr 13m
Timothy Allen talks to Ricardo González. Ricardo is an executive member at Honduras Próspera on the island of Roatán in Honduras. He is an experienced Honduran attorney with a background in business development, start-up incorporation, counselling to mid to small-sized organizations, operation management, and mentorship. He got his Masters in Law (LLM) at Penn State University with a concentration in Corporate Law and Practice. Prior to studying full time at Penn State Law, Ricardo was the Chief Operations Officer at Bufete Corporativo de Emprendimiento e Innovación, a Honduran law firm...
EP 001 - Free Cities Overview with Peter Young
11/22/2022 • 1hr 28m
Timothy Allen talks to Peter Young. Peter is the managing director of the Free Cities Foundation. He leads the operational management of the foundation, with oversight over project delivery, communications and finance. Before joining the Free Cities Foundation, Peter spent most of his career based in Beijing supporting trade links between the UK and China. TWITTER: Timothy Allen: Peter Young: Free Cities Foundation: WEBSITES: Free...
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30 Dec
EP 005: 'COVID Refugees' with Tom & Emily Lahdenranta
way to go! planning a surf trip in July to El Salvador and probably meetup with some orangepillers too
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28 Dec
EP 005: 'COVID Refugees' with Tom & Emily Lahdenranta
Inspiring to hear what’s possible with children. I’ve moved countries several times in my life, but never with children. I’ll be getting in contact with Tom and Emily. Thanks for an interesting episode.