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Join New York Times bestselling author Tom Woods for your daily serving of liberty education! Guests include Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, David Stockman, and hundreds more, with topics like war, the Federal Reserve, net neutrality, the FDA, Austrian economics, and many other subjects of interest to libertarians. Join us!

Recent Episodes

Ep. 2129 The WHO's Pandemic Treaty

There's a lot of concern about a forthcoming "pandemic treaty" from the World Health Organization. In this episode I discuss what it would likely include, as well as whether an international agreement overrides the Constitution.

Ep. 2128 Does China Really Have a "Social Credit System"?

It's a commonplace that in China people have a "social credit score" that is affected by their political views and activities, and which restricts them from exercising basic rights. Is this true?

Ep. 2127 He Voted No on Iraq, Even in a Pro-Military District

Former US congressman John J. Duncan, Jr., a Tom Woods Show listener who also happens to be one of the half-dozen House Republicans who voted against war in Iraq, joins us for some recollections from his storied career. Sponsor: CrowdHealth - - Enter promo code WOODS.

Ep. 2126 The Prospects for Dissidents in the 2020s

Dan McCarthy joins us to discuss the prospects for conservatives (and to some extent libertarians) in a society in which the left holds the major power centers but a widespread spirit of resistance still exists.

Ep. 2125 Monetize Your Haters

One of my prized possessions is my Eric July "Monetize Your Haters" T-shirt. If there's one thing better than ignoring or defeating your enemies, it's becoming more prosperous because of their attacks. Jordan Peterson once said, "I have figured out how to monetize the Social Justice Warriors." Eric is a champ at this, and we share our strategies in this fun episode.

Ep. 2124 How to Answer Progressives (and Conservatives): Eric July's Advice

Across social media, as well as in his gig with Glenn Beck's The Blaze, Eric July interacts with people from all ideological standpoints, and defends libertarianism before all comers. But what works best in each case? Eric shares his stories.

Ep. 2123 Is There a "Black Community"? A Discussion with Eric July

We all use the term, but is there really a "black community" (or, for that matter, an LGBT community, or anything similar)? Apart from basic demands for respect and a fair chance, do all black people think alike, which is what the idea of a "black community" strongly implies? Eric July week continues with a discussion of these and related issues.

Ep. 2122 You Don't Win the Culture by Complaining: Eric July's New Company

Special Offer: Happily date box: Take 50% off your first date at

Ep. 2121 From Left-Liberal to Libertarian: The Eric July Story

We kick off Eric July week with a bit of autobiography: how Eric went from being a self-described "knucklehead" as a young man to being one of the most prolific and effective libertarian communicators today. Not to mention a successful musician, entrepreneur, and more.

Ep. 2120 Jeff Deist on Roe and our Glorified Superlegislature

president Jeff Deist joins us to discuss the Roe controversy, issues you won't read in the New York Times, and the most realistic way to handle disputed questions in a society with radically different worldviews.

Ep. 2119 Michael Malice on Roe vs. Wade and National Divorce

Michael Malice joins us to talk about the surprising news regarding Roe v. Wade and what it means both for the 2022 midterms and for the prospects of national divorce.

Ep. 2118 Robert Barnes on War, Corrupt Law Schools, and 2024

Attorney Robert Barnes, who has represented numerous high-profile clients, joins me for a candid look at lawyers and law schools, the regime's foreign policy, and the most likely national outcome in 2024. Sponsor: CrowdHealth - - Enter promo code: WOODS.

Ep. 2117 College Students Stand Up to CNN Disinfo Agents

Christopher Phillips and Mitchell Robson of The Chicago Thinker, a student publication at the University of Chicago, join me to discuss the legacy media and how their writers made fools out of the hapless panelists at a recent "disinformation" symposium.

Ep. 2116 Jeff Deist and Tom on Independent Media

Jeff Deist and Tom discuss the desperation of legacy media in the face of independent personalities who have built massive followings.

Ep 2115 What If the Dollar Loses Its Reserve Status?

The great Gene Epstein discusses how likely it is that the dollar ceases to be the world's reserve currency, and what the consequences for the average American would be if that happened.

Ep. 2114 I Sued My University, and They Caved

Law professor Todd Zywicki joins us to discuss (1) his lawsuit against his university's vaccine mandate, (2) the COVID regime in general, (3) the issue of cancel culture and banking. Special Offer: Happily date box: Take 50% off your first date at

Ep. 2113 Who Owns You? And Other Libertarian Fundamentals

It's back to basics in this episode, but with the charming Woodsian twist you've come to love.

Ep. 2112 The Myth of Cuban Health Care

John Osterhoudt and Daniel Raisbeck of Reason TV join me to discuss myth and reality when it comes to the allegedly miraculous health care system created by Fidel Castro and the communists.

Ep. 2111 Replacing the Medical Establishment?

Julie Wentz created Arizona Stands Up to get the Covid state of emergency overturned in her state. But over the course of her activism she realized that there must have been something fundamentally wrong with the American medical establishment for it to have endorsed all the craziness. So she urges us to work toward a parallel, less psychotic system. Special Offer: We love our monthly Happily date box — it's full of games, recipes, and activities that bring us closer together. With a different theme each month, it's something we're always thrilled to receive. Take 50% off your first date at

Ep. 2110 How to Build a Parallel Economy: A Case Study

Andrew Torba, founder and CEO of Gab, had to build everything from scratch -- his own servers, his own email autoresponder service, his own payment processor, and more -- after his free-speech platform was shunned and penalized by Big Tech. Here is a living example of how to build the parallel economy and society that so many are speaking about these days.

Ep. 2109 Do Progressives Have an Endgame?

Anthony Esolen has written an excellent essay arguing that they do not, that stasis and repose are themselves the enemy.

Ep. 2108 Final State COVID Report Card

A new paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research tallies up the results across states of the various interventions that were imposed in the name of fighting the virus. How did it all come out?

Ep. 2107 COVID and Long-Term Care Facilities: An Inside Look

Hal Cranmer operates a string of long-term care facilities in Arizona. While other places were locked down, Cramner's facilities were normal. He shares the details in this episode.

Ep. 2106 Almost-CEO of Levi's Resigns Over Pushback Against Her COVID Position

Jennifer Sey, brand president for Levi's, resigned from the company in February 2022 after 23 years because of constraints on her freedom to speak her mind about COVID. Her husband, Daniel Kotzin, who also joins us in this episode, is suing the federal government for pressuring tech companies to censor dissident voices.

Ep. 2105 Equality and Inequality

In this episode I talk about the cases two prominent philosophers -- Thomas Nagel and Ronald Dworkin -- make for "equality," and discuss some of the difficulties they encounter. Sponsor: CrowdHealth - - Enter promo code: WOODS.

Ep. 2104 Regime Journalists Didn't Expect This

Students at the University of Chicago left regime journalists sputtering at a recent roundtable about "disinformation." Plus, Michael Malice and I discuss the truth about journalism.

Ep. 2103 Time for New Elites

The existing elites have wrecked everything there is to wreck -- " education, medicine, diplomacy (peace), money, banking, big business, literature, art, and entertainment, just for starters," says Jeff Deist. Time for new ones.

Ep. 2102 Is This the Government We Deserve? with Paul Gottfried

The great Paul Gottfried, who holds a Ph.D. in history from Yale and is editor of Chronicles magazine, joins me for a wide-ranging discussion that begins by contemplating whether we should go so easy on the voters, or whether they're in fact getting precisely what they voted for. Then we talk neocons and democracy and other fun things. Special Offer: We love our monthly Happily date box — it's full of games, recipes, and activities that bring us closer together. With a different theme each month, it's something we're always thrilled to receive. Take 50% off your first date at

Ep. 2101 College: The Worst COVID Holdout

Today we're joined by Joni McGary, who is leading a nationwide effort to repeal COVID vaccine and booster mandates at American colleges. Special Offer: We love our monthly Happily date box — it's full of games, recipes, and activities that bring us closer together. With a different theme each month, it's something we're always thrilled to receive. Take 50% off your first date at

Ep. 2100 Free the Children

Attorney and author Jim Ostrowski joins us to discuss his new book Free the Children: How Red State Americans Can Liberate Their Children From Government Schools.

Ep. 2099 How to Change the World, For Real

In the immortal words of Ten Years After: "I'd love to change the world / But I don't know what to do." John Bush joins me to discuss his exit-and-build strategy of exiting corrupt institutions and building new ones.

Ep. 2098 Dissident Comedian Censored Amid Russia Hysteria

Lee Camp hosted Redacted Tonight for eight years -- until February 2022, when the show and his network were forced to close. His podcast has been removed from Spotify. He joins me to discuss censorship, the mainstream narrative, and the somewhat unimpressive American establishment.

Ep. 2097 The Power of Capitalism: A Tour of Recent History

Rainer Zitelmann joins us for a discussion of the improvement in living standards brought about by the market economy, the intellectuals' disdain for capitalism, and real-life examples from around the world. Sponsor: Axe Head Watchmakers was created after the owner, a Tom Woods Show listener, lost his job during the lockdowns. They make beautiful and unique wooden watches that make a perfect gift -- including for yourself. I love mine. Take 25% off a watch when you use code WOODS at

Ep. 2096 Why States Go to War with Each Other

Andrew Heaton, comedian and host of The Political Orphanage, holds a master's degree in international relations. He joins us to walk us through international relations theory to see what it can tell us about the behavior of states.

Ep. 2095 The Problems with Business School

Connor Mortell, a student at the business school at Florida State University, joins us to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly in business school programs. Even in business schools, fallacies abound. Sponsor: CrowdHealth - - Enter promo code: WOODS.

Ep. 2094 Holding the COVID Crazies Accountable?

Dr. Paul Broun is a former U.S. congressman from Georgia and Ron Paul ally who seeks to return to the U.S. Congress, in part to bring accountability to the so-called public health establishment.

Ep. 2093 The State Whose Activists We Should Learn From

Free State Project president emerita Carla Gericke joins us to discuss favorable social and political developments in New Hampshire that folks in other states may want to emulate.

Ep. 2092 Inflation: What Caused It and Where It's Going

Gene Epstein joins us to discuss the roots of the current price inflation, and long he expects it to last. Sponsor: My friend Buck Johnson interviews fascinating people who go against the grain of established opinion. Check out

Ep. 2091 The Most Canceled Filmmaker in America

Jason Rink returns to the show to discuss his experiences covering controversial topics, and his expectations for what the future of free speech may hold.

Ep. 2090 January 6 and "Stop the Steal": A Filmmaker Tells the Story

Jason Rink, longtime libertarian activist, is an independent filmmaker who has spent the past year and a half focused on forbidden topics.

Ep. 2089 What Did the Trucker Convoy Accomplish?

A participant looks back on the recent events in Canada and assesses the pluses and the minuses.

Ep. 2088 The Continued Rise of the Antiwar Right

The dissident wing of the American Right continues to show promise from a libertarian point of view, especially but not limited to foreign policy. Nothing is less fashionable than to support Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, but her recent statement about the situation and Ukraine is better than almost anything I've heard from that branch of libertarianism that's desperate to be reasonable, and nice, and palatable to the establishment, and be as compliant as possible with whatever the current obsession is, under the weird delusion that this will make them acceptable.

Ep. 2087 Where is the Russia/Ukraine Situation Headed?

Scott Horton joins me for a sober look at the present situation, answers common critics ("duh, you're repeating Putin talking points!"), and gives us a solid backgrounder.

Ep. 2086 Austrian Economics, Ask Me Anything

The brilliant Jeff Herbener, economics department chairman at Grove City College, joins us to answer my followers' questions on economics: everything from the current state of the world to the Fed to boom-bust cycles and more.

Ep. 2085 How Not to Lose Your Shirt During the Apocalypse

With the world a mess, what are you supposed to do with your money? Austrian-inspired investor Jon Wolfenbarger shares his insights. Sponsor: Axe Head Watchmakers was created after the owner, a Tom Woods Show listener, lost his job during the lockdowns. They make beautiful and unique wooden watches that make a perfect gift -- including for yourself. I love mine. Take 25% off a watch when you use code WOODS at .

Ep. 2084 Was Hitler a Socialist?

Rainer Zitelmann, author of the new book Hitler's National Socialism, discusses Hitler's views of society, economics, and politics.

Ep. 2083 We're Just Downgrading "Russian Disinformation," Citizen

Search engine Duck Duck Go just announced that it would be downgrading results it considered "Russian propaganda." Blue-pilled libertarians will consider this a "market response" to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We red-pilled libertarians are a teensy bit less naive than that. Plus a lot more in this episode. Sponsor: CrowdHealth - - Enter promo code: WOODS.

Ep 2082 America's Twisted Corporate Culture

And how to escape it, with Exit Group founder Kevin Dolan.

Ep. 2081 Dave Smith on the State of the Movement and the World

The great Dave Smith and I discuss the state of the liberty movement and the world. (Can't put this episode on YouTube, because we note that natural immunity is superior to vaccine-induced immunity, and you're not allowed to state that truth there.)

Ep. 2080 DeSantis Defies the Herd

Yesterday I had a chance to attend a COVID-related roundtable hosted by Florida governor Ron DeSantis and plenty of voices of reason were to be heard.