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Gospel & Eschatology: The World's Living Water
11/27/2022 • 14m
The Kingdom of God does not grow overnight. This episode, Bryce and I walk through Ezekiel 47 depicting how the new covenant temple (the church), will eminate living water that continually grows until it covers the whole earth! We hope this edifies you. For The King! Key Text:  Ezekiel 47:1-12 John 4:7-29 Social Media: Facebook page: Gab page: Twitter: -> Support: Donate Crypto: h...
Christianity Restores the Entire Man & The Uncomfortable Truth of Physiognomy
11/16/2022 • 59m
The unbelieving world, because of their faulty starting points, ends up destroying the entire man unwittingly. Body and spirit to be specific. Christianity, however, restores the entire man, body and spirit. Noah and I hope you enjoy this episode! For The King! Social Media: Facebook page: Gab page: Twitter: -> Support: Donate Crypto:
Effeminacy in Watching Sports, Christian Competition, and Brotherhood
11/2/2022 • 51m
Rome created the colosseum to keep the masses distracted and happy. Men and women get wrapped up in the same trap today through sports in America. Sports in America are one of the chief idols of our society and we ought to put it in it proper place as Christians. Thanks for listening!  Social Media: Facebook page: Gab page: Twitter: -> Support: Donate Crypto: https://commerce.coinbase.c...
Gospel & Eschatology: Inheriting the Earth
10/23/2022 • 23m
What do Christians have to look forward to? Much my friend! Not only do we get eternal life in Christ, but we also inherit this beautiful earth that God has made for us, albeit a redeemed version of it. God promised never again to destroy the earth, do you believe him? Thanks for listening! Key Texts: Matt. 5:5 Matthew 28 18-20   Daniel 2:35  Revelation 22:2  Rev. 20:3  Acts 11:1 , 18  Rev. 11:15 Exodus 32:13  Deut. 12:10 Psalm 37:11  Psalm 37:22  Isaiah 57:13  Isaiah 66 Social Media: Facebook page: Gab page: Twitter: https://t...
God's Uncontrollable World and Moby Dick
10/19/2022 • 45m
Moby Dick is one of America's most well known fiction novels. Written in 1851, it shares an epic story of a man's destructive desire to see revenge on a white sperm whale named Moby Dick. Don't be fooled though, this book depicts timeless Christian truths that all men should heed. We hope you enjoy our commentary on this classic book and are edified by the lesson it teaches us all. There is a twitter page that automatically generates quotes from Moby Dick. It's a fun follow! Social Media: Facebook...
Gospel & Eschatology: The Child Conqueror?!
10/9/2022 • 26m
Christ was king birth! What will his kingdom will be like?! Isiah 9 tells us very clearly, lets just believe what God's word clearly says, who's with me? For The King! Key Text:  Isiah 9:2-7 Social Media: Facebook page: Gab page: Twitter: -> Support: Donate Crypto: Kingly C...
Interview w/ Jeremy Collins of Theonomoney: Discussing ESG From a Biblical Worldview
9/28/2022 • 38m
How should Christians think about ESG scores? Thanks to my brother Jeremy, we have a fruitful discussion about the trojan horse of ESG scores and how we ought to think of them. This is by no means an exhaustive take on the issue but rather a starting place. Thanks for listening! Theonomoney links: Listen at Key Texts: 2 Thess. 3:10 Social Media: Facebook page...
Gospel in Eschatology: The Parable of the Mustard Seed
9/25/2022 • 22m
Bryce and I continue to describe how the gospel goes to the ends of the earth through a postmillennial understanding of eschatology. We look particularly at what the bible teaches about the kingdom of God this episode. We pray and hope it edifies you! For The King!!! Key Texts: Matthew 13:31-33 Ezekiel 17:22-24 Social Media: Facebook page: Gab page: Twitter: -> Support: ...
Marvel and DC's War on God: Doctor Strange, Aleister Crowley, and the Multiverse of Satanism with Pastor Joe Schimmel
9/21/2022 • 43m
Many are unaware of the true history of one of today’s most popular Marvel characters, Doctor Strange. What is the connection to Satanist Aleister Crowley, Satanism, the ancient heresy of Gnosticism and Doctor Strange? To truly understand the spiritual foundation of Marvel cosmology, one must first understand the influence behind many of the comic book writers. I hope you enjoy my second discussion with Pastor Joe Schimmel from GoodFight Ministries about the deceitfulness of Marvel and DC comics. This episode highlights the second part of their 7-part series on Marvel and DC's War on God. We hone in on...
Gospel in Eschatology: A Theology of Dominion
9/11/2022 • 20m
Bryce and I continue to apply the Gospel, but now in the area of Eschatology. We hope that this primer on the idea of dominion in God's word paints a new picture eschatologically than you have heard before. For The King! Key Text:  Matthew 28:16-20 Social Media: Facebook page: Gab page: Twitter: -> Support: Donate Crypto: https://commerce.coinbase.c...
Responding to The Bible Says What!?
9/7/2022 • 1hr 0m
Go listen to the interview with Michael Wiseman at this link: Every empire and form of government has fallen and crumbled. This is not evidence of a theocracy being an issue, this actually lends itself to the depravity of man. That is the common denominator. Some forms of government actually encourage human depravity like totalitarian dictatorship (characteristic of atheistic countries) but our constitutional republic (form of government) with God as our king informing our laws and ethics (theocracy) limits and mitigates the ability for...
The Gospel Scope & Vocation
8/28/2022 • 26m
"Therefore, a poor workman, faithfully using the gift God has given him, pleases God no less than a preacher of the Word, for he served God in the same faith and with the same Spirit." - Martin Luther's Commentary on Galatians Chapter 5 This week we apply the Gospel to the idea of vocation (calling)/work. Many Christian teachers want to make you feel bad for your work, however Christ never meant any such thing in his word. We are all priests and workers in the kingdom of God. Thanks for listening!
The Game of Chess in God's World
8/24/2022 • 43m
Noah and I discuss the game of Chess and the parallels inherent within to the Christian worldview. We know this may not interest all, however we had a ton of fun filming it! If anyone is wondering I lost on time to Noah after this podcast (however I knight forked his queen and he was well on his way to losing mind you). Thanks for listening! Our profiles: Noah: NoahKellum Rocky: Rodley_Ramdey Lichess Profile Rocky: Dreamed ->
The Gospel Scope & Hard Sciences
8/14/2022 • 20m
Now we apply the gospel to all of the hard sciences. It is important to walk through how every single worldview applies their "gospel" to the worldview. In rationalism, the savior is the human rationality so it will be applied to whatever models it conjures. We walk through this exercise here and show how the hard sciences are not immune from starting presuppositions. Thanks for listening! Key Text:  Genesis 1 -> Website: Facebook p...
Christian Aggression? Is There Such a Thing?
8/10/2022 • 1hr 25m
Aggression is one of the underlying reason our culture hates men. A desire to smash the patriarchy or a claim to a toxic patriarchy has its basis in a distortion of masculine Christian aggression. In this episode we show how Jesus Christ himself was a very aggressive man, and for good reason. If masculine aggression goes, so goes a large part of society. Thanks for listening! Key Texts:  John 2:15 The book of Jonah The book of Joshua Genesis 14 ->
The Gospel Scope & Soft Sciences
7/31/2022 • 28m
We are nearing the end of the Gospel Scope and I hope it has been a blast to listen through! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is far more reaching that we could ever anticipate. Christ even rules and reigns over the soft sciences such as, economics, sociology, law, psychology, philosophy, political science, etc... Bryce and I walk through a few principles, or tools, Christians ought to remember when engaging the soft sciences. We also give some examples. Thanks so much for listening! For The King! Key Text:  Proverbs 1:7 Fountain.f...
Christian Nationalism & Merriam-Webster Dictionary Changes Definition of Female
7/27/2022 • 53m
This Wonky Wednesday I am joined with Noah, a frequent guest on the podcast! We talk this episode about how Christian Nationalism is conflated with an evil version of itself. We walk through a document from a Christian organization that seeks to expose Christian nationalism even penning a statement of belief about the subject. I hope you enjoy the episode and it equips and edifies you to think about these topics from a Biblical Christian perspective. For The King! Key Text: Psalm 33:12 Sources: Christian Nationalism https://www.christiansagainstchristiannationalism...
The Gospel Scope & Literature
7/17/2022 • 17m
Like art, literature is also a field dominated by objective values. God's word is perfect literature and it sets the pace by which all other works of literature are made! Thanks for listening! Key Text: 2 Timothy 3:14-17 -> Website: Facebook page: Gab page: Contact: Donate Crypto:
Atheists Want Dominion?!? Do you?
7/13/2022 • 45m
In this episode I discuss two Supreme Court cases. NEW YORK STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION, INC., ET AL. v. BRUEN, SUPERINTENDENT OF NEW YORK STATE POLICE, ET AL and Dobbs v. Jackson. I also discuss a federal grant to export atheism, humanism, and non-religious adherents worldwide, hence the pagans are Postmill. I hope you enjoy it friends! Sources: Dobbs v. Jackson Case New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen Epoch Times article on federal grant exporting atheism -> The letter written by GOP'ers challenging the grant -> The grant website ITSELF Article reporting on young women being encouraged to...
The Gospel Scope & Art
7/3/2022 • 11m
What is truly beautiful? By what standard can we call something beautiful? Key Texts: Psalm 27:4 & Hebrews 12:2 -> Website: Facebook page: Gab page: Contact: Donate Crypto: Kingly Clothing:
Beauty, Art, and the Created Order
6/22/2022 • 40m
Wills website:  Wills Facebook:  Website:  Facebook page:  Gab page:  Contact:  Donate Crypto:  Kingly Clothing: --- Support this podcast:
Back to the Future of America
5/29/2022 • 31m
If we want to have any hope of a future in America we must return to her past. We must pickup the pieces of a shattered Christian Inheritance. We must REPENT! Website: Facebook page: Gab page: Contact: Donate Crypto: Kingly Clothing: --- Support this podcast: https://anchor...
Interview with Micah Beckwith, Let’s Get in the Fight!
5/25/2022 • 1hr 8m
Absolutely loved this interview with Micah. Micah has much wisdom and insight. I know I was greatly edified by the interview and I hope it encourages you as well! For The King!  Check out more things Micah here:  His podcast: Jesus, Sex and Politics  Website:  Facebook page:  Gab page:  Contact:  Donate Crypto:
The Gospel Scope & Philosophy
5/22/2022 • 28m
Philosophy, the handmaiden of theology, has been used as a bludgeoning device against mankind to infiltrate worthless ideas devoid of truth. In Christ are hidden the riches of all knowledge and wisdom, including philosophy! Key Text Colossian 2:8 Website: Facebook page: Gab page: Contact: Donate Crypto: Kingly Clothing...
The Gospel Scope & Culture (Contra Pagan Culture)
5/15/2022 • 26m
Truth is exclusive. Culture is not created in a vacuum. All cultures reach for a transcendent reality to anchor themselves in, hence the root word Colere or Cultura, denoting growth and cultivation (a bacteria culture) or when applied to human society meaning "the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group" (taken from Cultures are either objectively bad or objectively good (Christian culture being the only good). Key Text:  Revelation 2:14-15 Website: Facebook page: Gab page: Contact: f...
The Leaked SCOTUS Opinion. Abortion is Pre-Political!
5/8/2022 • 13m
Conservatism is deceitful and never paints the full picture. All they do is conserve the status quo of 50 years ago rather than conserving the timeless word of God (the Christian worldview). The Court Opinion of the Dobbs case written by Justice Alito -> Website: Facebook page: Gab page: Contact: Donate Crypto:
Marvel and DC's War on God with Pastor Joe Schimmel
5/4/2022 • 1hr 9m
I hope you enjoy this discussion with Pastor Joe Schimmel from GoodFight Ministries about the deceitfulness of Marvel and DC comics. I know this may seem fringe to many, but if you have a biblical worldview that says Jesus rose from the dead then this really isn't that wild of stuff! Links below to the documentary, Joe Schimmel's bio, a few videos previewing their content, and a press conference for the film. Links:
The Gospel Scope & Discipleship
5/1/2022 • 28m
Make disciples of all nations! It's not whether the nations will be discipled, but who will be doing the discipling?! Thanks for listening! Key Texts: Matthew 28:18-20 Matthew 23:15 Ephesians 5:25-28 Ephesians 6:1-4 Luke 13:20-21 Website: Facebook page: Gab page: Contact: Donate Crypto: Kingly Clothing:
The Gospel Scope & Evangelism
4/24/2022 • 35m
As we take a look at the scope of the Gospel we move to our first topic in the series, namely evangelism. There are clear implications in scripture laid out concerning what evangelism is. We hope this encouraged you and reminds you of the work of an evangelist! Key Texts: Matthew 28:18-20 Acts 8:26-40 ; 21:8 Matthew 3:1-2 Website: Facebook page: Gab page: Contact: Donate Crypto: https://commerce.coinbase...
The Scope of the Gospel
4/17/2022 • 19m
Now that we have laid the foundations of the gospel we now seek to apply it as we lay out the entire scope of the gospel. Join us on the Sunday Series episodes as we apply the gospel to all of life! Thanks for listening! Key Texts: Matthew 23:23 Hebrews 6:1-3 Matthew 28:18-20 Website: Facebook page: Gab page: Contact: Donate Crypto:
The Gospel & Union with Christ
4/10/2022 • 37m
We are wrapping up a VERY long series on gospel foundations! If you have been with us the whole time we are very thankful you stuck with it and are finishing up with us as well. We end with the great doctrine of union with Christ. Being united in sweet communion with God almighty is a great truth that we as Christians live in on a daily basis. The union Christ has with his father we now get when united with him. What a sweet truth, we pray this blesses you. Key Texts: ...
Interview: Jeremy Collins of Theonomoney
4/6/2022 • 1hr 8m
This Wednesday I am interviewing Jeremy Collins, the proprietor of the Theonomoney podcast. You can find his podcast here or on any other podcast catcher. I highly recommend Jeremy's podcast! I have personally been binging it and have learned things I have never encountered before about economics and God's law. Please go support our brother in Christ!  Website: Facebook page: Gab page: Contact: Donate Crypto:
The Gospel & Glorifying Grace Mirroring Christ
4/3/2022 • 25m
We are finishing the Glorifying Grace series we started a few weeks ago. We are about to wrap up all of the Gospel Foundations we have been doing and about to move on to a new topic. We pray this has been edifying for you and that you were aided in our presentation of God's word. Thanks for listening!  Key Texts:  1 Timothy 3:16  John 17:5,22  Acts 3:13 (cf. Phil.2:9-11, Heb.1:1-4)  Isaiah 42:8  2 Timothy 2:10  1 John 3:2-3  Website: Facebook page: Gab page:
The Doctrine of The Lesser Magistrate with Brother Bryce
3/30/2022 • 37m
This Wonky Wednesday, Bryce walks us through the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate. The doctrine is seen throughout church history but wasn't formalized until the Magdeburg confession of 1550. Bryce walks us through the doctrine based off a book we recently read by Matt Trewhella called unironically, "The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates". The book is definitely worth reading. Bryce makes a comment in the discussion about a right of other religions to worship. The first commandment of God lays our clearly that humanity is not to have any other gods besides Yahweh, therefore there is no God-given right to...
The Gospel & Glorifying Grace's Security in Election
3/27/2022 • 23m
God's grace continues to be marveled at throughout human history! Here is another element of his grace glorifying us in his election before the foundation of the world. He guarantees our inheritance, our glory, not because of anything inherent in us but freely and unconditionally. God's grace is greater and is secure for us in his electing. Praise God! I hope this encouraged you brothers and sisters! Key Texts:  Romans 8:17-18, and 30 Ephesians 2:6 Website: Facebook page: Gab page: h...
The Gospel & Glorifying Grace's Finality in the Resurrection of Christ
3/20/2022 • 22m
Glorifying Grace is predicated on the glory Christ has in his resurrection and vindication over sin and death. Christ is now seated at the right hand of the father in glory because he defeated sin and death. He proved himself the son of God because he was sinless and the grave could not hold him. Due to this resurrection of Christ, we find our glory from him by looking to Christ as our savior and the great executioner of death. Thanks for listening, I hope you are encouraged brothers and sisters. Key Texts: ...
Abortion Apologetics with Brother Carter
3/16/2022 • 38m
This week my brother in Christ and long close friend, Carter, teaches me and some other men how to conduct abortion apologetics from a biblical worldview. We met and discussed this but I recorded it thinking that it may equip and bless whoever listens. Carter did a wonderful job! There is a powerpoint presentation that Carter did with this talk. You can find it by clicking here. Thanks for listening, For The King!!! Download the PowerPoint presentation by clicking here or going to this link ->
The Gospel & Seeking After Glorifying Grace
3/13/2022 • 21m
Salvation consists of 3 parts. Justification, Sanctification, and Glorification. We have talked about the first two, but now this week we start speaking on God's grace in justifying us. God's grace not only justifies and sanctifies but it also brings us to the end and it wills us to seek after glory, that same glory found in the face of Jesus Christ. This is why this is good news, because God's grace glorifies us! Thanks for listening. Key Texts: John 17:10,24 Romans 2:7;9:23 2 Corinthians 3:18 Website: Facebook page: https...
A Biblical and Partial Preterist/Postmillennial View of Satan
3/9/2022 • 49m
I do not claim to exhaustively represented all the bible has to say about Satan nor do I claim to have perfectly represented the partial preterist/postmillennial understanding of the role of Satan. However, I tried my best! I hope you enjoy it!  Key Texts: Ezekiel 28:12,15 Gen. 1:28; 3:1,15; 4:7 Luke 4:5-6; 8:12; 11:14-23 1 Peter 5:8 Job 1:6-12 Rev. 2:12-13; 10:12 ; 11:15; 12:9; 20:1-10 2 Cor. 11:14 Isa. 5:20-21; 14:12 Matt. 10:16 Deut. 32:7-8; 15-18 Daniel 10:12-13 Ephesians 6:10-12 Rom. 5:14 1 Cor. 15:45-49 Col. 2:15 John 12:31 ;16:11 Check out Don's Podcast by clicking here Website: F...
The Nearness of Judgement
2/23/2022 • 30m
People are often confused by what the wrath of God is and how it is revealed upon humanity. In this podcast I try to make a case that God's judgement is much more near than we would imagine. I hope you see the truth of what I am presenting and if you do not know Christ then repent and turn to him as KING! Key Texts: Romans 1:18-32 Genesis 19:24-29 Revelation 19:1-3 ; 20:7-10 Website: Facebook page: Gab page...
The Gospel & Sanctifying Grace
2/20/2022 • 26m
Last week, Bryce and I walked through how God's grace is the kind of grace that justifies us before him. Not only does it justify us before him, but it also is the kind of grace that carries us through and sanctifies us until the end! If you have been given God's wonderful grace then you are a child of God! God will continue to refine and sanctify you before him that he may present you blameless before the throne of his glorious grace. “I have a great need for Christ: I have a gr...
Presuppositional Apologetics: The Correct Way to Defend the Christian Faith
2/16/2022 • 1hr 39m
This Wednesday I have Bryce as my guest again! We walk through the presuppositional method for defending the Christian faith. We base a lot of this material off of a book by Dr. Greg Bahnsen called Always Ready: Directions for Defending the Faith. You can pick up the book here. We hope this episode equips you to defend the faith and destroy the god's of this age like secularism, evolutionary theory, feminism, and the like! Go to battle Christian warriors! You've been made a new creation and have been given a new mind, do not use the old mans...
The Gospel & Justifying Grace
2/13/2022 • 27m
The bible speaks of God's grace in two different ways. Today Bryce and I walk through how to think about the grace that God bestows on us in a justifying sense. God has lavished grace upon us to the praise of his glorious grace! God's grace is entirely unmerited by the human and is an act of favor on God's part alone. I pray this episode encourages and edifies you. For The King! Key Texts: John 1:14,16 Romans 3:24 ; 11:6 Ephesians 1:7 ; 2:5-9 Titus 3:7 ; 2:11 My guest joining me this week on the Sunday...
Discussing Samuel Renihan's book, The Mystery of Christ His Covenant and His Kingdom
2/9/2022 • 1hr 4m
“What is this book good for? It establishes a clear linear understanding of the biblical text in its purpose of driving the reader to see how faithfully God executes His purpose in creation. The covenantal framework from Adam to Christ, from creation to consummation is a most apt way of seeing the flow of the entire biblical text. One is lifted into the journey to see the entire scope of divine providence work out the divine decree from generation to generation, book to book, event to event, person to person.” Tom Nettles This book pres...
The Gospel & Christ as our Ransom
2/6/2022 • 36m
This week Bryce and I walk through the idea of Christ's sacrifice as a ransom. We are indebted to God and our wages due to us is death (Rom. 6:23) but Christ has paid that ransom and won us back from the wrath of God, NOT FROM SATAN'S CLUTCHES. If you want more information on Jesus satisfying us from God's wrath listen to the very first episode of the podcast. Thanks for listening! “We need not wonder that so much importance is attached to our Lord’s resurrection. It is the seal and memorial stone of t...
Interview with Jason Szeftel: The Spiritual State of China and Christianity's Rise Within
2/2/2022 • 1hr 8m
Welcomes to the for the king podcast, and that king being Jesus Christ, the son of God, today I have Jason Szeftel with me. He is a political and economic writer specializing in the nation of China. He mainly focuses on economic and political dimensions of China but today he is joining me to speak about the religious atmosphere in China and more specifically Christianity. Jason's website: Jason's Podcast: Key Text: Habakkuk 2:14
Interview with Chris Anderson: Coaching a Little 500 Team & Christian Excellency
1/26/2022 • 55m
This Wednesday I am joined by an old friend of mine from college, Chris Anderson. In this episode we walk through what he does as a coach for a little 500 team and how he uses it to impact the lives of the people not only on the team, but also in the race. We then turn a fundamental principle in the Christian faith. That principle is best laid out in the Latin phrase "Soli Deo Gloria" translated... to God alone be the Glory. We must remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ on the sermon on the mount,
The Gospel & Substitutionary Atonement
1/23/2022 • 21m
Continuing on our Gospel foundations series, this week, we walk through how substitutionary atonement is crucial when understanding the gospel. We must believe and trust in Jesus Christ as our substitute on the cross. He bore the punishment that was due us. We remember in God's word as it says in Isaiah 53: 4-5 and 11-12, "Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed him stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace...
Interview with John Lee: Arguments for Christian Theism, Free Will, and the Presuppositions Underlying Transgenderism
1/19/2022 • 38m
This week I interview a brother in Christ, John Lee. John is the founder of Their boutique agency builds individualized mobile apps for podcasts starting at just $25/month. I am hoping to eventually take advantage of his service for my podcast! However, this was a small part of the podcast, we mostly spend our time talking about theological and philosophical problems in the church and world. We speak on a wide range of topics from apologetics, Molinism/Calvinism, and homosexuality/transgenderism. John had some AMAZING thoughts on transgenderism and I would definitely stay tuned in until the...
The Gospel & Being Born Again
1/16/2022 • 20m
Continuing on the Gospel Foundations series, we discuss on this episode the concept of being born again. We provide scriptural evidence and we walk through what it means to be born again. This we must remember is all an act of God as we cannot force the spirit of God to act according to our wills for it says in John 1: 11-13,  "He came to his own, and his own people did not receive him. But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, who we...
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Christianity Restores the Entire Man & The Uncomfortable Truth of Physiognomy
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Gospel & Eschatology: Inheriting the Earth
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Christian Aggression? Is There Such a Thing?
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Responding to The Bible Says What!?
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Responding to The Bible Says What!?
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Christian Aggression? Is There Such a Thing?
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Christian Aggression? Is There Such a Thing?
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The Gospel Scope & Hard Sciences
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Christian Aggression? Is There Such a Thing?
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Back to the Future of America
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Atheists are Postmill?!? Are you?
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