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⚡️ Episode 100 - 100 Facts!

Visit us at Thank you for submitting your fun facts. Clouds! Honey! Saffron! Zoomers Can't Read Cursive! Apollo Pen! International Bus Ride!

⚡️ Episode 99 - Our History!

Visit us at

⚡️ Episode 98 - The Useless Web!

Visit us at The Useless Web! Stories about some of the sites! Cat Bounce! Endless Horse! Cursor Effects! Jackson Pollock! Smash the Walls! Checkbox Race! One Square Minesweeper! Pug in a Rug! Zombo! Font Find! Falling! Fake Virus! Beauty! Zoomquilt! Invisible cow! Ten Cents! just a crouton.

⚡️ Episode 97 - Silly Speculation Saturday - The Backrooms and More!

Visit us at Film Theorist Backrooms! This House Has People in It! Night Mind! SCP foundation 999! A Treasues Trove!

⚡️ Episode 96 - The Backrooms!

Visit us at Backrooms! Backrooms Video! City Underground! Backrooms Wiki! Candy preferences!

⚡️ Episode 95 - Hello Kitty!

Visit us at Hello Kitty Facts! Not A Cat?! Meteor! Hello Kitty Facts! Different Cat?!

⚡️ Episode 94 - Umbrel Academy!

Visit us at Bunny dawg! Umbrel!! Paralyzed No More!

⚡️ Episode 93 - Lies!

Visit us at Lies! More Lies! Tips for lying better! Some More Lies! Even More Lies! Invisibility Sheild!

⚡️ Episode 92 - Emergency Alert Systems!

Visit us at What Is An EAS Alert? Playlist Of (Most) EAS Alerts

⚡️ Episode 91 - Las Vegas!

Visit us at Vegas Facts More Vegas Facts

⚡️ Episode 90 - Random Facts!

Visit us at Facts Fish Lifehacks Double Proposal Random Facts

⚡️ Episode 89 - Shoes!

Visit us at Hospital Gowns History of Platforms Shoe Facts Instacart Hero History of Shoes

⚡️ Episode 88 - Boostagrams and Brazil!

Visit us at Brazil Facts More Brazil Facts Even More Brazil Facts Dog Good News Bike Good News

⚡️ Episode 87 - Nashville Trip!

Visit us at Good news Library Book The Dodo

⚡️ Episode 86 - Pants!

Visit us at Nice Note News Vending Machines Getting dressed in the Victorian Era Jeans Facts History Of Jeans Why They Are Called Pants Pancake Man

⚡️ Episode 85 - Lunar New Year and Groundhog's Day!

Visit us at Portraits Lunar New Years Lifehacks Groundhog's Day Facts Zero Waste

⚡️ Episode 84 - Agathokakological!

Visit us at Thesaurus Jack Black Useless Words Betty's Beers Dogs

⚡️ Episode 83 - Snow!

Visit us at Snake Good News Snow Fun Facts Life Hacks Poop Pill Straws History of Mathematics

⚡️ Episode 82 - Constellations!

Visit us at Constellations Fun Facts Koala Good News More Constellation Facts Art for bees Star navigation Pro-tip Emergency ID Card

⚡️ Episode 81 - Cards!

Visit us at Playing Card Fun Facts Playing Card Facts Alternative To Tip More card facts Even More Card Facts History of Card Games

⚡️ Episode 80 - Crop Circles!

Visit us at Book Dads Good News Trash Collecting Crop Circles Facts + Comic Sans More Crop Circle Facts The Crop Circle Hoax Badly Written Crop Circle Facts

⚡️ Episode 79 - Spicy!

Visit us at Good News Goldsboro Christmas Parade Chili Peppers Spicy Science More Spicy Food Facts

⚡️ Episode 78 - Sign Language with Kyle Hebert!

Visit us at Kyle Hebert The Intergalactic Boom Box Podcast Good News 6000 beds Good News reusing plastic Sign Language Facts ASL Facts More ASL Facts Even More ASL Facts The Last Sign Language Facts

⚡️ Episode 77 - Black Friday!

Visit us at Good News 89 year old Why It Is Called Black Friday Black Friday Stats and History Black Friday Facts More Black Friday Facts Good News Josh

⚡️ Episode 76 - Volcanoes!

Visit us at Good News Dogs Hug Good News Thanksgiving Tradition Types of Volcanoes Yellowstone More Volcanoes

⚡️ Episode 75 - Calendars!

Visit us at Possible New Calendars Middle Earth Calendar Star Trek Stardate History 11 Missing days Good News VW Pontoon Boats Good News Stick Library

⚡️ Episode 74 - Paradoxes!

Visit us at Good News Butterflies Good News Steve Buscemi Meme Paradoxes More Paradoxes Comic Strip Blogger

⚡️ Episode 73 - Spooky Stuff!

Visit us at Good News Shaq Halloween Facts Good News Smiley Face Edgar Allan Poe Count Dracula Top 100 Horror Books Mary Shelley - The Storm that Birthed Frankenstein

⚡️ Episode 72 - Show News and Podcasting 2.0 Stuff!

Visit us at New Podcast Apps Intergalactic Boom Box

⚡️ Episode 71 - English!

Visit us at Good News Wheelchairs for Pets Good News Lost at Sea English Facts More English Facts Contronyms More English Facts More English Facts Pangrams More English Facts

⚡️ Episode 70 - Procrastination!

Visit us at Procrastination Facts More Procrastination Facts Extra Procrastination Facts The Last Procrastination Facts Good News Kidney Transplant Story Good News Turbines

⚡️ Episode 69 - Dreams!

Visit us at Dream Facts More Dream Facts Extra Dream Facts NIH Dream Studies Good News Longest 3d Printed Bridge Good News Orcas

⚡️ Episode 68 - USPS!

Visit us at Good News Cat Ears Good News Cat rescue Good News Cat Rescue Video USPS Facts USPS Facts Website David Working at the Post Office

⚡️ Episode 67 - Minerals!

Visit us at Mineral Facts More Mineral Facts Even More Mineral Facts In Other Mineral Facts The Last Mineral Facts Good News Good News

⚡️ Episode 66 - Coffee!

Visit us at

⚡️ Episode 65 - Dogs!

Visit us at Dog Breeds Seeing how dogs see - Youtube Hiccups Dog Facts Good News - Dog returned to owner Good News - Dogs are good for your health

⚡️ Episode 64 - Anime!

Visit us at Anime Facts Bryce Papenbrook Billy Kametz Solar Trucks Stingray

⚡️ Episode 63 - Volleyball!

Good News - Great memories in cars Good News - Dog finds it's owner The History of Volleyball Volleyball formations Volleyball facts More Volleyball facts Funny Photoshop of volleyball net

⚡️ Episode 62 - Lubbock/Chef's Hats!

Lubbock Facts More Lubbock Facts Last Lubbock Facts Buddy Holly Hall Prairie Dogs Chef's Hats Facts More Chef's Hats Facts Even More Chef's Hats Facts Last Chef's Hats Facts

⚡️ Episode 61 - Frogs!

Lungless Frogs Frog Facts More Frog Facts Even More Frog Facts Transparent Frog

⚡️ Episode 60 - Words!

Word Facts Adjectives Order Adjectives Order Test (pdf) Titin - Longest Word How many words Languages

⚡️ Episode 59 - The Internet/Microwaves!

The history of microwaves Microwave Facts Internet Facts Internet Facts

⚡️ Episode 58 - Axolotl/Bratz!

Axolotl Facts More Axolotl Facts Bratz Factz More Bratz Factz Even More Bratz Factz Youtube - How strong is Steve

⚡️ Episode 57 - Tornadoes!

Tornado Facts Supercells Wikipedia Tornadoes Largest Tornadoes Fujita Scale 2011 Super Outbreak

⚡️ Episode 56 - Lego!

Lego Facts - Fast Facts Lego and Duplo can connect, sometimes. More Lego Facts How Minifigs are made 8 more lego facts Tallest possible lego tower

⚡️ Episode 55 - Theme Parks!

Border Crossing Theme Park Stalin's World Theme Park Facts Pirates of the Caribbean Bones Roller Coaster Facts More Theme Park Facts Cats Trivoli Gardens Stalin's World HUGE Train Set

⚡️ Episode 54 - Leonardo da Vinici! - Leo facts - Inventions - More Leo Facts

⚡️ Episode 53 - Mr. Rogers! - Mr. Rogers Facts

⚡️ Episode 52 - School! - Fun School Facts - The first US public school - Historical timeline of public education

⚡️ Episode 51 - Musical Instruments! - Unusual Instruments Youtube - Chapman Stick Youtube - The Yabahar Youtube - Theremin Youtube - Singing Tesla Coils Youtube - Bad Guy Pumpkin Cover Youtube - All Star Melon Cover - Musical instruments