The blue collar Plebcast
The blue collar Plebcast
Pro bitcoin Pro sovereignty anti establishment
S4: E:1 The Doc is in.
5/23/2023 • 1hr 18m
LC and Frito talk state of the country and Bitcoin and a whole bunch of other shit. Listen or don't we DGAF
S: 3 E:3 Back to the Roots w/ @bit_kii @ephesians @HodlRev
2/4/2023 • 1hr 51m
Catching up with some of the plebs from the homestead chat. Talk about where we are at and what we are doing as well as getting started on the self sustainability journey. Listen or dont IDGAF
S:3 E:2 F*ck this dystopia with @likewh1a
1/9/2023 • 2hr 33m
trigger warning if you're soft keep it moving. we talk family, kids, wives, masculinity and more. as always listen or don't we DGAF
S:3 E:2 F*ck this dystopia with @likwh1a
1/9/2023 • 37m
Family, men, masculinity, the tranny movement and protecting our kids. Listen or don't we DGAF.
S:3 E:1 @coinicarus
12/19/2022 • 2hr 18m
Catching up with a fren after some time away. Listen or don't we DGAF
S:2 E:15 Unfiltered w/@piratebeachbum2
8/4/2022 • 3hr 8m
My rip with pirut round 2. Great convo that hit so many great topics. Listen or don't we DGAF!
S:2 E:14 Drugs, recovery and bitcoin w/ @Ropeium
7/30/2022 • 2hr 35m
Half a disaster with my boy Rope. We talk about life as an addict what that means and how life is different now that we're clean. We also talk why bitcoin and what it means to us including the community that supposedly doesn't exist. Listen or dont we DGAF!
S:2 E:13 The bigger picture w/@weinicus
7/7/2022 • 1hr 49m
Just couple memetards getting our thinkboi on. Listen or dont WE DGAF!
S:2 E:12 Bubba & Slim
6/25/2022 • 3hr 18m
Catching up with Bubba and Slim again. This round we talk about Bubbas homecoming, the loss of community, the destruction of food and so much more. The longest episode to date so strap in and turn it up to 11. As always listen or don't we dgaf!
S:2 E: 11 with @Ephesians_Ghost
6/1/2022 • 2hr 1m
A dumpster fire of shit talking and thinkboi pontificating. Listen or dont we DGAF
S:2E:10 @Frito2x round 2
5/14/2022 • 1hr 28m
Catching up with frito after a crazy year. Listen or dont we DGAF
S:2E:9 Soil w/@GhostOfNunya
5/9/2022 • 1hr 51m
Soil,nature and homesteads. Listen or dont we DGAF!
S:2E:8 Based or GTFO w/ @modernTman and @coolbeansranch
4/15/2022 • 2hr 13m
Just STFU and listen
S:2 E:7 The bitcoin shortbus w/@My_Livin_Truth
3/26/2022 • 1hr 51m
Memetarded to thinkbois in an hour and change. Listen or dont we DGAF.
S:2E:6 my rip with @Stacking_sats_
3/9/2022 • 1hr 48m
Awesome rip with one of my good friends toni. An alternative perspective from someone halfway across the globe. Listen or dont we DGAF
S2:E:5 acquiring nonKYC bitcoin and self custody with @shishi21m and @janetYstackx
3/8/2022 • 1hr 24m
Great rip with Janet Yellen and shishi on securing some nonKYC corn and beginnings of how to hold your own keys. Listen or dpnt we DGAF
S2: E:4 node privacy w/ @BTCxZelko
2/16/2022 • 1hr 5m
Node privacy and bullshittin listen or don't we DGAF
S:2 E:3 homemining privacy w/ @Diverter_NoKYC @econoalchemist
2/10/2022 • 2hr 29m
Homemining privacy for simple dudes like me. Listen or don't we DGAF
S:2 E:2 Mobile Privacy with Maxtanahill and Lili
1/29/2022 • 2hr 15m
Mobile privacy for n00bs listen or dont IDGAF
S:2 E:1 @coinicarus @bitvolt @simplybitcoin
1/16/2022 • 1hr 40m
Epic way to start off season 2, the same way we started season 1 with dropped calls rough connections and coinicarus......and bitvolt lol As always listen or dont IDGAF. LEEETTTTSSSS GOOOOOOO!
S:1 E:25 @fullmetalhodl2
12/28/2021 • 2hr 25m
A glimpse inside the mind of the meme legend fullmetalhodl listen or dont we DGAF
S:1E:24 @N8twon
12/6/2021 • 1hr 21m
Recovery and bitcoin, a great overdue chat with the king of baby stacks. Listen or dont IDGAF
S:1 E:23 @shishi21m
11/29/2021 • 2hr 16m
We talk homesteading, signing devices and a buch of other shit. Listen or dont IDGAF
S:1E:22 @Diverter_NoKYC
11/8/2021 • 2hr 36m
Based convo with diverter, we talked mostly mining and morals but as always there's tangents and side convos to be had. Overall one of my favorite episodes to date. Listen or don't IDGAF
S:1 E:21 @clancyRbtb @super_shadowy
11/4/2021 • 2hr 49m
Clancy and ninja round 2. A complete clusterfuck of conversations lmao. Listen or dont idgaf. Love yall.
S:1E:20 @modernTman
10/24/2021 • 1hr 57m
Great rip on sovereignty, food and bitcoin with Texas Slim. Listen or don't we DGAF.
S:1 E:19 @econoalchemist @bitcoin_rail @roninminer
10/17/2021 • 2hr 25m
Crazy rip with some of my favorite peeps. We talk mining from building setups to the lessons we've learned along the way. We also talk work, family, inflation and tons of other random shit. Listen or don't we DGAF
S:1E:18 Brett from upstreamdata
10/10/2021 • 1hr 28m
Interesting rip with a behind the scenes pleb, we talk life, careers, bitcoin, satoshi and more. Listen or don't IDGAF
S:1E:17 @harskihodl Pt.2
10/4/2021 • 1hr 52m
A deep dive into utilizing credit to increase your bitcoin stack and some other shyt . Listen or don’t IDGAF
S:1 E:16 @frito2x
9/26/2021 • 1hr 53m
solid rip with a ridiculously underfollowed pleb. listen or dont IDGAF 
S:1E:15 @benthecarman and @icoffenderII
9/19/2021 • 1hr 56m
Based chat with some based plebs
S:1E:14 @clancyRbtb and @diligentninja
9/12/2021 • 2hr 31m
One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small.......
S:1E:13 @harskihodl
9/4/2021 • 1hr 23m
Most underrated episode to date. period. Listen or don’t idgaf
S:1 E:12 @_joerodgers
8/22/2021 • 2hr 5m
Based bullshitting. Solid rip. Listen or don’t IDGAF
S:1 E:11 @zachherbert
8/13/2021 • 1hr 29m
Rip with the CEO of @foundationdvcs was surprisingly based and a cool dig into some bitcoin history and mining as well as their hww and their plans for the future. Listen or don’t IDGAF
S:1 E:10 @piratebeachbum
8/11/2021 • 1hr 55m
Based and deep. Get real or GTFO
8/11/2021 • 1hr 33m
Surprisingly not a dumpster fire….
8/11/2021 • 1hr 32m
S:1 E:7 @denizsaaat
8/11/2021 • 2hr 0m
Shit talking with intellectual tidbits, obviously not from me. Listen or don’t idgaf
Bitcoin meme Jesus (Greg Zaj)
8/11/2021 • 1hr 15m
If a dumpster fire and a shitshow had a baby this would be it. You’re welcome.
8/11/2021 • 1hr 52m
Talkin shit about ourselves and other people lmao. Pleb life listen or don’t IDGAF
8/11/2021 • 1hr 8m
Plebs talking shit and the this weeks bullish news and bullshit in the world of Bitcoin. Listen or don’t WE DON’T GIVE AF🤙🏼
Jose Burgos
8/11/2021 • 1hr 8m
Pleb chat about life, family, legacy, heritage, past and future; what’s been and what’s to come off the cuff so raw but solid chat with a solid dude.
S:1 Ep:1 Coinicarus
8/11/2021 • 1hr 27m
Chopped it up with coinicarus for a while everything from why you no poo poo coin to fud and what a maxi is to us. Listen if you want if not f you too.
Prelude to the post.....lude?
5/19/2021 • 0m
Good music and bullish bs
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EPISODE • The blue collar Plebcast
S4: E:1 The Doc is in.
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CLIP • The blue collar Plebcast
If you chase 2 squirrels you'll loose 'em both
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EPISODE • The blue collar Plebcast
S4: E:1 The Doc is in.
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EPISODE • The blue collar Plebcast
S4: E:1 The Doc is in.