Business of Machining
Business of Machining
John Grimsmo of Grimsmo Knives and John Saunders of NYC CNC discuss their success, struggles, goals and more as machinists, business owners and entrepreneurs.
#324 We Want to See Everyone Win
5/26/2023 • 46m
TOPICS: We want to see everyone Win Shop rags Kern spindle is coming in 2 weeks Willemin updates! The future of manufacturing? ChatGPT heat treating parts
#323 Kern update, it is running!
5/19/2023 • 47m
TOPICS: Kern update, it is running! Planned downtime Lost packages in shipping Lapping and flatness Saunders air conditioner fix Fixturing Ideas Haas purple grease Link:  
#322 Willemin Machines Are Awesome!
5/12/2023 • 45m
TOPICS Willemin machines are awesome! Yates precision IG link Kern needs a new spindle Saunders had to fix a Helicoil  
#321 Prototyping SMW Zero Point Fixtures
5/5/2023 • 47m
TOPICS:   The cost of team trips and lunches Grimsmo visits the Elliott Matsuura Joint Open House Youtube! Grimsmo's CMM Prototyping SMW zero point fixtures
#320 Removing yourself from the company
4/28/2023 • 46m
TOPICS: Removing yourself from the company Okuma tool load monitoring SMW purge of old stuff Gridfinity! Process bins Haas lubrication system   We're selling some equipment, workholding, etc!  Info at
#319 The life of a business
4/21/2023 • 49m
TOPICS: The life of a business Unwillingness to let go of control Giving a tour to Toyota employees Storing production tools Selling unused tools Process bins! Chip build up on the Okuma
#318 Fire hazards with oil machines
4/14/2023 • 47m
Topics: SMW Okuma is 1yr old! cash budgeting and spending money A2 bushings heat treat Formlabs resin printer Willemin making the Saga clip Fire hazards with oil machines Process bins!  
#317 SMW Zero point system
4/7/2023 • 48m
Topics:   MTDCNC visited Grimsmo Net 30 customers SMW Zero point system Willemin 2d wrap toolpaths 140 hours a week of Kern run time Fastems  Tool life management Bambu 3d printer  
#316 Willemin works!  From both teams!
3/31/2023 • 47m
TOPICS: Biscuits with the boss Willemin works!  From both teams! Pipe organs hiring Kern crash at Grimsmo Bambu 3d printer
#315 Interviewing and hiring people
3/24/2023 • 43m
TOPICS:   Interviewing and hiring people Lasers! Bambu 3D printer Shipping processes and job turnover Willemin and oil  
#314 Shipping mistakes led to innovation
3/17/2023 • 44m
TOPICS: Willemin progresses from both teams! Shipping mistakes led to innovation Lifestyle creep Bambu 3D printer dedicated tools in machines  
#313 "Ways to automate a shop without spending 6 figures"
3/10/2023 • 45m
Topics:   Origin of John and John meeting in 2015 Saunders gave a speech: "Ways to automate a shop without spending 6 figures" Youtube content! Willemin! swiss machines and dual channel machines DIY Spectrometer and lasers visit shops and bring questions can we implement automated workholding?
#312 Cast Iron lapping plates
3/3/2023 • 33m
Topics: Willemin updates! Cutting wood in Grimsmo's router to clean endmills Lasers!!!   Saunders had a huge win on the Horizontal Cast Iron lapping plates Visit to Borne and Co
#311 Sharing responsibilities
2/24/2023 • 46m
Topics: Lapping plates wood blocks in the router Willemin! Okuma is running deep into the night expensive power bills Machining Cast iron Material inventory Sharing responsibilities breaking taps sacrificial wood block in the router Inspecting parts and improving processes  
#310 CNC training classes
2/17/2023 • 47m
Topics: Machining cast iron is dumb Grimsmo making hand-lapping plates Saunders giving a keynote speech on Okuma 2023 Technology Showcase Link:  CNC training classes Bambu 3d printer Willemin Lasers! Packaging! Inventory of products
#309 "The World Is Not Perfect"
2/10/2023 • 45m
Topics:   "the world is not perfect".  Making parts to tolerance. cutting foam Insurance claims Lasers! making small parts with vacuum Lapping parts to ultimate flatness Willemin install at SMW
#308 Hiring Shipping Staff and Leading a Team
2/3/2023 • 48m
Topics: Team meetings hiring shipping staff and leading a Team feedback from listeners Detent ball dropper in Grimsmo's Kern works! Tool load monitoring on the Okuma laser engraving! Saunders has the LS3655 100w laser Saunders' Willemin machine arrives tomorrow!
#307 Distractions and losing time
1/20/2023 • 47m
Topics: Distractions and losing time tool life hacks on Haas machines Grimsmo's router works!   Grimsmo's Willemin works too!   Henry Holsters visited SMW Inventory and sub assemblies Detent ball dropper designs CAM help for Saunders
#306 Drilling An Angled Hole
1/13/2023 • 45m
Topics: oil failure on Okuma horizontal Grimsmo's Kern got a new tool changer dampener vacuum pump for CNC Router all about returning products process bins! drilling an angled hole logging information, standardizing
#305 Machining copper tips and tricks
1/6/2023 • 46m
Topics: Grimsmo's CNC Router Saunders got a Saga pen for Christmas Machining copper tips and tricks process bins
#304 Python script for tool setup is working!
12/30/2022 • 45m
Topics: Saunders is getting a Willemin!   Purchase process, options chosen, etc. Machine shop insurance Saunders python script for tool setup is working! ChatGPT and Dall-E
#303 Dedicate tools for dedicated parts
12/23/2022 • 47m
Topics: Surface grinding blades, milling fixture plates, flatness flatness flatness! ISO9001 certification Implementing procedures through the shop Dedicate tools for dedicated parts Inventory count Foam
#302 Growing a team, getting them to solve problems
12/16/2022 • 44m
Topics:   New full-time employee at SMW Hiring and firing Grimsmo's lathe machinist taking a month vacation really tough week at SMW complicatons of robots sharing your vision Fusion 360 video Growing a team, getting them to solve problems
#301 Managing Your Tasks
12/9/2022 • 46m
Topics: Saunders went to North Carolina, shop ran well without him! Autodesk event Grimsmo working on improving his Kern, toured a flavor factory Saunders toured an egg factory Tracking process flow through the shop Managing your tasks Crashing machines
#300 I love lathes
12/2/2022 • 43m
Topics: I love lathes Planning workflow on automated CNC machines Saunders updating fixtures Grimsmo's router and custom foam custom oil bottles for nano oil
#299 Custom Fusion 360 Tool Management script!
11/25/2022 • 49m
Topics: Grimsmo's CNC router is coming together Design review meetings Custom Fusion 360 tool management script! Willemin coolant or oil.   IMTS tooling claim PNMU insert for 4140
#298 Year In Review
11/18/2022 • 47m
Topics: year in review packaging, costs Continuous improvement, lean manufacturing Routers, Willemin, etc. GoPro and audio technology Selling used CNC machines "Greg" buying manufacturing companies
#297 Printing with TPU flexible filament
11/11/2022 • 44m
Topics: Saunders got 2 new Haas machines delivered for their training classes Grimsmo building their CNC router printing with TPU flexible filament Taco Bell and Okuma crashes recording quality audio
#296 Deal with tough conversations like a pro
11/4/2022 • 45m
Topics: Grimsmo's Willemin machine dealing with tough conversations Creating a metrology lab Mill-Turn machines, Tsugami, Willemin, Mazak Long term thinking Reverse osmosis water systems for coolants building an enclosure for Grimsmo's CNC router
#295 - There's A Better Way To Communicate
10/28/2022 • 45m
Topics: Designing a chip conveyor replacing a Blum probe costs to service machinery stop using e-mail for internal communication duplicate SKUs, Shopify  
#294 Making Custom Porsche Parts, Chip Management on the Speedio and MORE
10/21/2022 • 47m
Topics Saunders running his horizontal mill 18 hours a day Making custom Porsche parts kids in the shop Grimsmo crunched the probe tip on his Speedio with custom programming Chip management on the Speedio probing, manual programming  
#293 releasing a new case for Saga printer, Autodesk Fusion meetup in December and more!
10/14/2022 • 46m
Topics Grimsmo releasing a new case for their Saga printer 3d printing for production cardboard packaging Autodesk Fusion meetup in December multiple computers for workflow tool breakage control  
#292 Machining is the coolest thing ever
10/7/2022 • 45m
Topics: Machining is the coolest thing ever "failing as a business leader if we don't purge our junk" "what do I want in the next 6 months"  how to hire and train new people quickly? Variance accounting SMW online training classes
#291 "The only constant is change"
9/30/2022 • 47m
Topics: "The only constant is change" Near fatal car accident for SMW employee and how it affects the company Saunders' wife filling in perpetual biggest failure? can do great things when able to focus, but... 4 new employees at SMW in the past 72 hrs Tornos update from Grimsmo Running machines unattended overnight
#290 Authenticity in Marketing
9/23/2022 • 47m
Topics Fired up after IMTS Authenticity in marketing Willemin booth at IMTS, all about lathes! Takeaways from the show shop update video Mini chip conveyor on the Speedio machine Check valve on coolant nozzles Opportunity cost of being an entrepreneur
#289 Live at IMTS 2022
9/16/2022 • 15m
John Saunders and John Grimsmo recorded this episode live at IMTS 2022 where they talk about new tools and great fans at this epic tradeshow!  
#288 - Philosophy of Business
9/9/2022 • 48m
Topics: Richlite purchasing high dollar items and utilizing cash to your benefit Joe Rogan and Zuck Podcast "I've won" philosophy of business Grimsmo is in love with his Speedio machine! Zero point workholding Miyano lathe
#287 - Bite Off More Than You Can Chew, then chew
9/2/2022 • 44m
Topics: IMTS trade show Willemin machines classic growing problems. Chip management and recycling Machine prices at trade shows Grimsmo working on the speedio How to teach and train your team high level skills to scale your company bite off more than you can chew, then chew book reference/resources
#286 - A Story You May Not Believe & New Tool Syndrome!
8/26/2022 • 45m
Topics: Vacation + Work Trip: Autodesk Event in Birmingham, England Saunders, A Pilot/CNC Book Author, Tormach 770 MX, and an Escalator KERN Spews and Sputters Coolant Everywhere at Grimsmo Knives KAESER Air Compressor Coats Entire Shop in Fine Oil Mist New Tool Syndrome: Forklift Edition Abom79's SMW Shop Tour Video Speedio Training for GK Team BLUM Laser Tool Setter Installation Blues The Johns Gush Over CNC Machine Design Aesthetics Sticker Bombed: Erowa Pallet System from IMTS 2018 Low Coolant Sensor CNC Lathe Talk   CHECK IT OUT!
#285 - Getting Things Back To Normal
8/12/2022 • 46m
TOPCIS: Grimsmo is having massive power problems that caused some awkward solutions. The boys talk about the value of business insurance. Willemin and Speedio updates! Saunders goes into a deep dive with their LEX erp software. 3D printing with magnets!
#284 - We're Not Nothing Anymore!
8/5/2022 • 47m
Topics: Incremental Business Growth Experiences Real Estate - Build or Buy Existing? Area 419 Tour Baby Brother Speedio Arrives Friday at GK! The Marvel of Rigging CNC Machines Shipping Insurance - Is it worth it? Legal Counsel - Sometimes a Letter Will Do! Chips on Willemin, Inserts, Adding Sharpie, and BANG ON Tolerances Precision Microcast 15 with Christian Wenzel Innolite 
#283 - Big Time Crashes Cause Big Time Problems
7/29/2022 • 44m
TOPICS: John & John crashed the Willemin, Okuma & Kern, yikes... Grimsmo getting the Willemin to measure probe length. How to calibrate your spindle probe length. Saunders is finishing us a big fixture plate order.
#282 - Whiplash, SMW CNC Training Courses, & Grinding on the KERN
7/22/2022 • 48m
Topics: - SMW Relaunches CNC Training Courses in a New Center! - Grimsmo Tweaks Grinding Process on KERN - Should You Max Out Spindles That Run Less Than 20K RPM? - Brother Speedio + Auto Door Coming to GK Soon! - International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS)  - Okuma Mist Collector Activation Issue - Reorganizing Endmills - GERP Update, Inventory, Operations, Tooling, Purchase Orders  
#281 - Getting The Most Out Of What You Make
7/15/2022 • 47m
TOPCIS:   We finally get closure on Judd Mama Grimsmo is visitng for the first time since 2019! Grimsmo starts getting great results after a much needed training sesisons from the CMM. Saunders dives into endmills and surface finishes. Metrology!!! Grimsmo has been on a rabbit hole to try to make their saga mechanisims better. Saunders chats about probing issues.
#280 - Part of a Journey is Coming to an End
7/8/2022 • 48m
Topics: - Saunders opens up about his 11- year CNC companion - Grimsmo takes on more duties while Angelo attends CMM Training - Eumachs Sold! Avid CNC Router to cut foam for GK - SMW Training begins July 19th - Renishaw Probe Repair & Settings - Willemin/WileMILL Probe Issues & 3D Printed Key Bracket - HDPE Plastic Warp: Will annealing solve the lakes/hills? - Rust Prevention: Looking for Input!
#279 - 4AM Shop Adventures & Training Classes Around The Corner
7/1/2022 • 44m
TOPICS:   John Grimsmo came in to learn the new Zeiss CMM until 4am. Saunders is experiencing variations on some parts. Learning more about epoxy tombstones The oldest Renishaw probe cracked the glass. Grimsmo provides an update on the Speedio & Tornos oil issues. Saunders has his training class start in only 3 weeks!
#278 - Not Getting Enough Done & The Hill We Die On
6/24/2022 • 31m
Topics: Task Lists and Being Overwhelmed Hiring Employees, Time Management, Efficiencies Priority List: Dump & Triage Tasks Okuma Fixture Offset Calibration Horizontals with Intrinsic 4th Axis: No rotation around center line!? Tool Orientation in Fusion 360 doesn't seem to work for Saunders Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Internal Conflict Between Nerd & Entrepreneur:  A 15 Year Debate Robots. Saunders gets random call from a guy at Tormach. Use for demagging material? Horizontal Fixture Overhaul
#277 - Being A Self Taught Machinist
6/17/2022 • 45m
TOPCIS: John & John chat about what it is like to be a self taught machinist. Saunders made a little bit of a mistake on the horizontal. The boys chat about having no manager only roles inside their company. Grimsmo got the Zeiss CMM installed to help measure EVERYTHING! The benefits of using glass materials for accuracy. Chip thinning and rubbing on endmills.
#276 Business Therapy + Speeds & Feeds
6/10/2022 • 46m
Topics: Tool Life & Part Finish Issues Grimsmo & Saunders brainstorm solutions for less than ideal tool life and part finishes. - Speeds & Feeds - Brand Loyalty & Tools That Don't Cut It (pun intended) - Tool Coating - 2D Contour Wall Finish - NYC CNC Chip Thinning Calculator - Coolant VS. Dry Cutting with Through-Spindle Air blast - Reaching Occluded Precision Features CNC Machines - Kern makes a move on skates - Minor Tweaks to the Erowa Pallet System - Brother Speedio headed to Grimsmo Knives - ZEISS CMM, where are you? Also, who is going to learn Calypso!? - Converting the Willemin from Metric to Imperial Lives of Entrepreneurs - The Second Half of Your Life - Hobbies - Accepting Changes Gracefully - The Importance of Developing Meaningful Friendships NYC CNC Training Classes are BACK!
#275 - Moving The Kern & Jamming Up Chip Conveyors
6/3/2022 • 45m
TOPCIS:   Saunders is machining parts for Johnny 5 What is a tool room? Coolant & air conditioners. Grimsmo has a daunting task to move the Kern over to make room for the speedio. Saunders did an oil change on the horizontal and jammed up the chip conveyor. Knife grinder discussion. Expoy tombstone is in!
#274 - Defining Success, Long Term Mindset, and Turning on the Willemin
5/27/2022 • 50m
TOPICS: - Preparing for Economic Recession Video - Better Business Decisions: Evolving from a Short Term to Long Term Mindset - Saunders gets personal about life, ambitions, and expectations - Make Sure YOUR Goals are Finite - Softening of Tech Market/Industry, Cash Flow, & Borrowing Money - KERN Damper Life & Replacement - FREE WAY TO INCREASE MACHINE TOOL LIFE! - Okuma Tool Break Detection & Break Control - KERN Workflow for Bang On Bore Sizes - Wear Comp, Speroni Tool Presetter for Measuring Tool Diameter - DIY Tombstone Pour - Keith Rucker's Video on Concrete Mold for Casting - Grimsmo's Belt Grinder Advice - SAGA Pen and Pocket Book - Precision Microcast with Adam Demuth & Nicholas Hacko - Turning on the Willemin
#273 - The Importance Of Education
5/20/2022 • 45m
TOPICS:   Saunders talks about his origin story. The boys chat about the importance of education, wether school or investing in yourself. Grimsmo is dialing in the issues they are having with the swiss lathe pump. Saunders gives updates on the ever changing LEX ERP system. The boys talk about the movie "The Founder" about the origin story of Mc Donalds. Saunders has 2 new hires starting next week! Grimsmo crashes the tool changer on the Willemin.
#272 - Teaching The Teachers, The Value In Learning
5/13/2022 • 47m
TOPCIS: Saunders is visiting Wichita State University for Project MFG. Grimsmo has a ton of updates, open house, tornos problems & willemin progress. Saunders dives into the horizontal process control. Mobile machine shops?!? Teaching the teachers. Grimsmo is starting to use their ERP system to track procedures throughout the company. Saunders learns the hard way not to rush a project before a trip. Grimsmo updates on the CMM and Speedio machines.
#272 - Clash of Trades, Manufacturing Education, and the Bubbly Tornos
5/13/2022 • 46m
TOPICS:  Clash of Trades - Project MFG in Wichita, Kansas Reality TV show for Manufacturing Students! Saunders is a judge! Incredible Facility for Manufacturing Grimsmo attends local open house tool show with his crew Tornos Foaming Coolant Update Epoxy Tombstone Progress Fixturing: Changing from Aluminum to Steel Combating Tribal Knowledge with Google App Sheets CMM Stand Holding Back Delivery? Preparing for a Recession 
#271 - Grimsmo's Willemin Runs! Saunders To Judge Project MFG!
5/6/2022 • 48m
TOPICS: Grimsmo finally have their Willemin machine fully functional and ready for parts. CAM Programming tips and tricks. Material shortages and price hikes. Preparing for a slowdown. Grimsmo has swiss coolant pump issues. Making tombstones for horizontal machines. Saunders will be judging on Project MFG in Kansas next week!
#270 - Occam's Razor, the $100,000 Experiment, and DIY Tombstone Design for Okuma Horizontal
4/29/2022 • 44m
TOPICS: Grimsmo's Willemin Works! Saga Pen Clips & Workholding Brainstorm Session Brother Speedio & Zeiss CMM: Lead Times Could Cause Time Crunch SWISS CHEESE? A New Pump Could Solve the Tornos Oil/Coolant Issue IMTS 2022 & Autodesk University Saunders talks additional building, Okuma Horizontal Production Workflow, & Re-Starting Training Classes! Digital Depth Micrometers Saunders and Alex embark on a DIY Tombstone Design for the Horizontal Grimsmo Wiki: The Place Where Odd Fanuc Stuff Lives 86 GERP, We'll Take Google App Sheets, PLEASE!
#269 - Balancing Maintenance, Attitudes & Machines
4/22/2022 • 46m
TOPCIS: Lending companies for buying machines & early payment policies. Sauders root story, attitude towards prepayment. Saunders shop tour with Adam Demult Horizontal machining challeneges. Air compressor maintenance time with Grimsmo. Willemin updates.    
#268 - The Beauty of Kinematic Structure and the Blade is the Ham!
4/15/2022 • 50m
TOPICS: - Process Capability Index (CPK) - Six Sigma?  - Batch Production in the Auto Industry - 3D Printed Haas Parts Catcher & Grimsmo Knives Fixture Loader - Heat Treat Sandwich & Stacking Blades - Vendor Relationships: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE DETAILED PRINTS - Okuma Post Modifications: Almost a Catastrophe - GAME CHANGER: The "Compare To" Feature in Visual Studio Code - Shop Computers & Remote Desktop - Lights Out Production & Air Compressor Ball Valve Solution
#267 - Finalizing New Machines & Tool Installation Processes
4/8/2022 • 39m
TOPCIS: Saunders is probing on the horizontal. Grimsmo is finalizing their Brother Speedio purchase. Installing tools on the horizontal. Saunders' had a bad day. Grimsmo Tornos oil updates. Willemin updates & CMM purchases.
#266 - Achievements, Automation, and After-Hours CNC Machining
4/1/2022 • 47m
TOPICS:  - Okuma Horizontal: After Hours Machining Dream - Why We Bought a Horizontal Video - Fusion 360: Changing Tools at Master Library Level?  - Renishaw Probing, Okuma Probing, and Macro Variables - Fixturing, Solving Tolerance Issues, Post Modifications - Multiple Tolerance Ranges - Metrology Tools - Update on Grimsmo's Swiss Coolant/Clarified Butter
#265 - Focusing Employee Potential & New Machines?
3/25/2022 • 39m
TOPICS:   Grimsmo is expanding! Never Split The Difference - Buy Now Dedicating employees are doing so much more! Saunders had a dumpster fire of a morning. Grimsmo probing issues on the Kern. Saunders is thinking about getting a Brother Speedio before Grimsmo pulls the trigger on theirs. Small business healthcare in the USA. CMM fixture plates for Grimsmo's new Zeiss CMM.
#264 - "I love you but there's an Okuma MB-4000H out there."
3/18/2022 • 39m
Topics:  Okuma MB-4000H Arrives at SMW 3 Tombstones Loaded Training on Collision Avoidance to Begin Delayed Chip Conveyor Appears Important PSA about Buying CNC Machines & Paying Invoices Zeiss DuraMax CMM for Grimsmo Knives Active VS Passive Scanning: Zeiss Tour Part Deviation Fixturing/ Work Holding Bourn & Koch Tour Occam's Razor & Eliminating Setups Air Quality Meters Temtop M2000 Tsunami 21999-0440-R Leadership & Management At least we're not THAT person!   COMING SOON Manager Meetings at SMW Creations Unlimited Tour with Dennis Rathi  
#263 - Choosing Managers, Touring Shops & Oil Troubles
3/11/2022 • 51m
TOPCIS: John & John share their recent persectives on life & sharing information online. Custom quotes in Shopify. Choosing manager, book on "setting the table". Grimsmo is going to play in a CMM room for a day. Saunders provides a horizontal update. Grimsmo is still dealing with swiss althe oil problems. 
#262 - Normalcast, Swiss makes Ghee, and the Okuma MB-4000H is Here!
3/4/2022 • 42m
Topics: Grimsmo's Swiss could have an air leak OR a bad batch of coolant Okuma MB-4000H is here but the coolant tank is delayed! Willemin, Kern, and Speedio Updates Saunders shares his tour experience at Creations Unlimited - Video Coming Soon! Decision Making & Organizational Chart Changes Emphasis on Communication, ERP Data Tracking     GOOD READS Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business by Daniel Meyer Small Giants: Companies that Choose to be Great Instead of Big by Bo Burlingham High Output Management by Andrew Grover
#261 - Solocast, Brief History Of Grimsmo Knives
2/25/2022 • 9m
TOPICS: John Grimsmo breaks down the barrier with a brief history of starting Grimsmo Knives. Its not always easy, but it is the most rewarding thing that they have ever set out to achieve. Personal and professional growth is immense.
#260 - Solocast, Okuma MB-4000H, and Quality of Life Post Modifications
2/18/2022 • 7m
TOPICS: Saunders and his team anxiously await the Okuma MB-4000H Building Inventory + Moving Machines Programming Tombstones Post Modifications: Date & Timestamp & G11 Coordinate Plane Rotation Grimsmo's Eumachs are for sale! Haas chip filter system, Bringing Products to Market, and Small Victories The E-Myth Revisited: Technician VS. Entrepreneur
2/11/2022 • 47m
TOPCIS: Sharing info on YouTube. Buying machines and how to choose their options. FOCUS UP! DIY chip conveyor and paper band filter. Coolant control. Buying horizontal machines and Brother Speedio. CNC controls on a new machine & providing power.  
#258 - "Like any machine tool nerd, I was thinking about tool changers in the shower." - Saunders
2/4/2022 • 49m
TOPICS: Don't ignore Windows 7 & Fusion 360 Incompatibility Warning! Windows 7 causes CAM kernel errors. Visual Studio Code: Hot Exit = Hot Mess. Disable hot exit to prevent VS code from reposting older versions of code! Greenshot for PC screenshots Optimal Printer Location and Rubber Stamps? Fiber Laser Engravers: RAYCUS, Mactron-Tech, + Cloudray Tool Matrix Options Finding Joy: Sometimes it looks like pushing cycle start Rigid Tapping Load Limit: Stopping too soon or not soon enough. UC Berkley Tour Video: Genius Spring Mechanism Measuring an Arbor Press with a Hydraulic Cylinder
#257 - CNC Training Classes!
1/28/2022 • 47m
TOPICS: Grimsmo removed a spindle on their Willemin. Saunders is bringing back CNC training classes. Click me for more. Grimsmo is building a new CNC router. Saunders has passed a fixture plate off to a different shop. Saunders has ordered his horizontal machine! Grimsmo scrapped a part on the Kern.
#256 - Snow Day, Parking Lot Woes, & Brother Speedios
1/21/2022 • 49m
TOPICS: How to have a crappy day (vendor issues, forklift gets stuck) Grimsmo considers adding 2 Brother Speedio Machines Graphite EDM Vacuum Setup, Manual Indexers, UR Robots Purchasing Horizontal CNC Machines, Tool Matrix     Considerations, & Tombstone Workholding Purchasing CNC Machines: Travel, Weight Capacity, Automation Washdown & Spin Drying Parts Want to take over the DeWalt product line at SMW? Culture Code & Clear Communication Deep Dive on the Fancy Chip Conveyor
#255 - 3 Axis Machines | What To Buy & Why?
1/14/2022 • 51m
TOPCIS: Horizontal Machining centers for 3 axis machines. Renishaw touch probes. Double vs single touch. Grimsmo thinking hard about buying a Datron Neo. Saunders is still dreaming about a Hermle RS1 pallet changing 5 axis machine. Porsche update from Saunders on his 944.
#254 - Robots DO Call In Sick!
1/7/2022 • 43m
Topics: KERN calls in sick at Grimsmo Knives Pride in Work & Small Business Culture: Read Small Giants! Last Part for Willemin Arrives Today! Eumach Spindles 3D Printing: Voron & Prusa Haas DT-2  Saunders' Porche Grimsmo Debates the Fate of the Mori
#253 - Business Of Machining | Year In Review
12/31/2021 • 46m
TOPCIS:   A year in review from both Saunders & Grimsmo. Taking guilt free time off. Grimsmo got a Voron v0 3d printer. Performance reviews for employees. Putting pride into your work.
#252: When Small Business Growth Outpaces Efficiency
12/24/2021 • 42m
TOPICS: Small Business Growth & Efficiency Staffing Concerns Handling Potentially Fraudulent Orders Work Culture & Employee Impact Eumachs, Power Outages, and New Quenching Plates for Heat Treat Automating Processes IoT: Operating on "If this, then that" Don't Automate for the Sake of It Performance Reviews for Employees
#251 - 3 Things That Changed Our Business This Year
12/17/2021 • 44m
TOPCIS: Winding down 2021. 3 Things that Grimsmo and Saunders that changed their businesses this year. Deep dive into ERP systems. Grimsmo ran their Kern for 136.5 hours last week! What makes us successful?
#250 - "Whenever we buy new machines, obviously there's learning curve but not a fixing curve!" - Grimsmo
12/10/2021 • 45m
TOPICS: Bootstrapper VS Life Style Creeper: Which Gets a Seat at the Table? Production Hurdles at GK - Machining - Heat Treat - Surface Grinding - Processes - Tabbing Strategies: AutoDesk...we need a 2D Contour Tab Finishing Strategy PLZ! Shift Toward Cycle Time Improvement SMW Pipe Dream? New Stabilization Product Sells Like Hot Cates at SMW Quality of Life Improvements Jib Crane Plate Inventory Storage Crates CDI Meters: WHY DIDN'T ANYONE MENTION THESE BEFORE!? Optical Comparator Can High Demand Be Dangerous? Willemin Repairs #worthit
#249 - Growing From Nothing
12/3/2021 • 45m
TOPCIS: Small Giants: Great book about growing a company. Sourcing a new chain hoist. Cogsdill burnishing tool. Business Vs. Personal life. Measuring the pressure on the arbor press.
#248 - "The Trades Have Been Good To Me" - Tom Lipton
11/26/2021 • 45m
TOPICS:  - DIY a Monochromatic Light Source & Optical Flats from Ukraine - Geeking Out: Zeiss- From Eye Doc to CNC Machine Shop - ERP System Development: Are We There Yet? - 10 Rules for Entrepreneurial Success  - Okuma Chip Conveyor - Wasting Pans! - Ultrasonic Cleaners - The NEW Prusa: Don't Over-Engineer Parts! - Thanksgiving in the USA     We really appreciate everyone who tunes in to listen, everyone who has helped us along the way, and everyone who is part of the CNC family!
#247 - Problems & More Problems
11/19/2021 • 48m
TOPICS: Saunders got his Okuma chip conveyer this morning. Horizontal milling machines. Haas lathe origin went wonky. Grimsmo is diving into optical flats. Watch this! Rask blade surface finish issues. Willemin updates.
#246 - CMM for the Poor Man, Dealing with Fraud, Okuma, Ripple on Spine of Knife
11/11/2021 • 48m
TOPICS:   - Fraud and small businesses: Don't be emotional; make a protocol! - Okuma Training & Pre-Staged Tooling Quirk in OSP: Post Processor Solution? - Starrett Optical Comparator & Mitutoyo Electronic Indicator - Visible Valley in Knife Spine: How to Pinpoint the Problem - Debate on Hiring Gives Saunders New Perspective - Higher Education: Is is a Must?     Read 10 pages per night!  The Hard Thing About Hard Things - Ben Horowitz Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't  
#245 - How To Stay On Track
11/5/2021 • 42m
TOPICS: Student internships & explaining machining to a 16 year old. Willemin updates! Grimsmo purchased an optical comparator and it is incredible. Horizontal milling machines. Saunders' Okuma is getting isntalled. Daily to do lists is huge!  Preview attachment Saunders regional map_v2.pdf     Saunders regional map_v2.pdf 6.7 MB    
#244 - Willemin, Okuma Genos M660, Automation, and More!
10/29/2021 • 46m
Topics: Grimsmo shares exciting updates about the powered up Willemin as Saunders eagerly awaits word on his own Willemin! Loading Code Onto Machines (Sneakernet, Ethernet, and Floppy Disks) Deep Dive into Automation Cells, Robot Arms, & Erowa Pallet System Haberle automation cell for Fanuc Robodrills: - Okuma is arriving at SMW! Good thing they've got Northern Tool rigging skates Horizontal Milling Machines Podcast winner, "Stress is a choice." Starrett Optical Comparator strapped to the top of a Miada?  
#243 - New Machines, New Adventures & Humbling Experiences
10/22/2021 • 44m
TOPICS: Saunders had a humbling experience shooting and editing a video to completion again! Watch here. New air compressors. Optical comparators. 8 Deadly wastes - D.O.W.N.T.I.M.E Saunders is getting his Okuma very soon! Grimsmo gets the Willemin powered up!
10/15/2021 • 47m
Topics: - Okuma TMAC Tool Monitoring & Tracking - POCKET SIZED INDUSTRIAL 5-AXIS MACHINE BY CHIRON - Automation Systems (HERMLE RS-1) - Heat Shrink Automation Cell - Zeiss Microscope - Robots VS Cobots (FANUC, KUKA, & UR) - PODCAST CONTEST WINNER ANNOUCEMENT! - KERN Micro HD - The Benefits of Hydrostatic - Grimsmo searches for more 3-32 through-coolant drill bit - Troubleshooting Bowed Parts 
#241 - Cross Training, Record Kern Run & Okuma Is On The Way!
10/1/2021 • 46m
TOPICS: "Clouds & dirt" Saunders is improving Lex work orders. Email screenshots to Saunders is jumping into different roles. Grimsmo had the kern running for 39 hours! Saunders new Okuma is 2 weeks away. Shop updates, more space? Grimsmo has a potential collaboration in the work.
#240 - When the Music is Playing, You Gotta Dance.
9/24/2021 • 41m
Topics:  - 240 is a special number! Grimsmo and Saunders share their experiences with the Volvo 240.  - Shipping & Receiving at SMW Needs Work and LEx (ERP System) Has become a Nightmare - WIllemin: Something is Definitely Missing  - Air Compressors and Paralysis by Analysis  - Why Aren't We Making Money? Livestream - Shiny Happy Challenge Coins from Vince  - 3D Printed Chip Augers for the Haas  - Tweaking Tool Life on the KERN  - Fresh Desk: A way to centralize customer service and communication for small businesses
#239 - Week Of Programming & Dealing With Knockoffs
9/17/2021 • 44m
TOPCIS: Saunders chats about LEX and what ERP systems cannot handle. Grimsmo had a week off from the shop and was able to get tons of programming done. Willemin is almost up and running! Saunders received the Shapeoko HDM. Share the podcast! Email proof to to win a sit down chat with Saunders & Grimsmo!
#238 - Conditions are NEVER Perfect
9/10/2021 • 40m
TOPICS:  - Power Surges at GK after a night of thunderstorms - Haas Tap Recovery is GREAT! - Scary Haas Software Bug on Haas - Internet Speed: Don't Overlook Your Router's Limits! - Live Stream about LEx ERP System - Grimsmo's Vacation - Grimsmo Explains 75 Hard - Power to the Willemin - The Excitement of Buying Used Machine Tools
#237 - How To Run & Operate A Small Business
9/3/2021 • 48m
TOPCIS: Saunders toured 3rd gen machine in Utah. John & Erik finished their latest book and are working closer than ever. Inventory management. Ted Lasso! Flood sensors and coolant filling. High feed endmills. DHL Issues.
#236 - What gets measured gets managed
8/27/2021 • 44m
TOPICS:  Spindle Utilization - Both Johns calculate the weekly percentage of working hours for their machines and discuss factors that affected those outcomes. Don't let the ERP become the company POS!   Internal Culture & Branding  Mori Spindle Time Increase - Grimsmo is tracking spindle time so he can make in-process tweaks to get MORe out of the Mori Upcoming Business Videos That Everyone Needs Why isn't my business making money!?  Economic Downturns & How to Protect Your Business Warranty Repairs for GK: Is there a good solution? WILLEMIN, KEARN, & ESA INSPECTION Shipping Errors - Saunders and Grimsmo share recent shipping mistakes and preventative measures to implement.  Grimsmo Bros Book Club: Erik and John are reading Attraction by Gino Wickman to make big plans for the future of GK.  Is this the Grimsmo Finer Things Club!?
#235 Planning For The Future & Asking Why
8/20/2021 • 47m
TOPCIS: Mental health in running a business. Asking why 5 times. Saunders got a new machine! Okuma M660! All about surface grinding and finishing. Robot Pallet Loader? Process reliability. Think of something you are grateful for every night.
#234 Tool Time! Endmills, Process Reliability, Cost Per Edge, and Hardmilling
8/6/2021 • 45m
Topics:  Accountabilibuddies & Truth Relentless by Tim Grover Hardmilling Speeds & Feeds CBN Endmills for Norseman Variable Feedrate & CNC Acceleration/Deceleration Adam the Machinist: Carbide for Hardmilling Zedaro Cutting Tools (WNT, Ceratizit, etc.) De Boer Tool in Toronto, Canada Weird Alarm on KERN Saunders considers custom drills LSC, Sandvik, Magical McMaster Process Reliability Disciples  Cost Per Edge Dobson Pipe Organ Fire & Pipe Organ Tuning Tools
#233 - Pouring gas on the fire
7/30/2021 • 44m
TOPICS:   CBN Endmill testing. Humble vs confidence. Saunders building accounting data to LEX. Grimsmo is going to use oil on the willemin. Rushing emergency parts. Saunders solves lathe chatter. Saunders playing with a new shop layout.
#232 - Business and Product Nomenclature, Willemin Oil VS. Coolant, and More
7/23/2021 • 46m
TOPICS: Naming Products and Businesses Willemin Update: Oil or Coolant? While the machine can run both, after a 17- year run with oil, the experts advise Grimsmo not to change. Fire suppression is a must! CHANGE THAT WHEEL! Grimsmo creates an alert for the KERN. CNC ALARM: Tool Radius Too Large & Cutter Compensatio Fusion 360 View Toolpath, Show Points, and Smoothing Rodico Putty - Green > Blue? Machine Tool Weldments VS. Castings Resonance VS. Dampening by Spencer Webb Tornos: Cracked Guide Bushing Communication for Small Businesses Liquid Nitrogen Generator? Shipping & Freight (we assure you, there's nothing too large for a freight carrier to lose). 
#231 How To Be Eternally Optimistic
7/16/2021 • 46m
TOPICS:   Grimsmo got their Willemin delivered. How to be eternally optimistic. Ted Lasso - Show The Last Dance - Show Atomic Habits - Book Relentless by Tim Grover - Link Winning by Tim Grover - Link Saunders got their ERP system all knowing. Saunders Marketing director is doing great!
#230 CNC Machine Washdown System Update, Shipping, Customer Service, and Freight Debacle, Threading 4140 Steel, Exciting Fusion 360 Updates & More!
7/9/2021 • 46m
Topics: Saunders Get Hosed by the DIY CNC Machine Washdown System Plastic VS Brass Quick Disconnects Grundfos MQ3-35 Pump The Worst Freightmare Ever: A Perfect Storm Customs Duties & Warranty Work Ted Lasso - A Dose of Optimism & Leadership Threading  Fusion 360 Imperial VS. Metric for .STL file export & Improved Contour Selection Multi-Part Probing & Renishaw Macros Re-cutting Chips, High Feed Mill, Swiss Cheese Fixture
#229 - "You're an owner, act like it!"
7/2/2021 • 44m
TOPICS: Saunders' grandfather has a great quote: "if something is wrong, and it can be fixed, fix it, and if you can't, don't worry about it". International shipping via DHL. Grimsmo bid on his first machinery auction! Saunders is still fine tuning coolant washdown system. Kern senses pallets loading. Airtags to track shipments?
#228 - CMMs, Norseman Tolerances, Business Visions, & Tours to Miltera and Born & Koch
6/25/2021 • 45m
Topics:  Tour of Miltera CMM machines and Tolerances on Norseman Features Born & Koch - Grinding Wheels on a Mill Sweetwater Sound, Inc. - Business Plans and Visions Willemin Update Stainless Steel SFM & Endmill Chipping
#227 - Javascript Courses, Work Offsets In 5 Axis & Kern Alarms
6/18/2021 • 44m
TOPICS:   Grimsmo tries to figure out a Kern alarm he has never seen before. SMW got their new DT2 milling machine and it is QUICK! Saunders is taking a Javascript course to edit post processors better.
#226 DIY Coolant Washdown, Shipping & Customer Service, KERN Mid Routine Program Restart & More!
6/11/2021 • 45m
TOPICS: Business Problem Solving & Developing Systems DIY Coolant Washdown System Shipping, Customer Service Air Compressor/Drain System IoT Failure Google Sheet To Do List Thingyverse RC F1 Car: 3D Printed Parts & Inspiration Pro-Active Machine Shop Maintenance Learning the KERN - Mid Routine Program Restart: Heidenhain Block Scan, Haas Setting 36 Programming G-Code using Visual Studio Code Detecting Syntax Errors Grimsmo Knives Shop Tour Video Fluke Power Meter Determines Power Availability for Willemin Growth Vs. Scaling: Approaching with Caution Sister Tools & Multiple CNC Mills Lathe Tooling & Tool Life Seco Quick Change Toolholder on the Swiss Capto Toolholders for the Nakamura SMW Fixture Plate Packing & Shipping Process Check out Spencer Webb's IG @spencer_webb_nh for Kinetic Precision PFG Stones
#225 - Chip Management, Core Values & Reorganizing
6/4/2021 • 44m
TOPICS:   Being vulnerable & making decisions. Moving and reorganizing areas of both shops. CORE VALUES. Traction by Gino Wickman Saunders installed a coolant washdown system. Chip management & draining coolant. Renishaw probe batteries. Draining air compressors!
#224 This SUCKS - Coolant Cleaners, Broken A/C, Endmills, 3D Printing, and Communication.
5/28/2021 • 43m
TOPICS: - Chip Trapper VS. Freddy - Machine Shops & Climate Control - Regularly Scheduling Maintenance - DIY Washdown system for the Haas? - 3D Printing a Detent Dropper Mechanism Creality LD002H - Information and Operations Overhaul at SMW - Communicating Important Information for Team
#223 - Machining Acrylic & Monitoring The Most Important Numbers In A Business
5/21/2021 • 45m
TOPICS:   Both John's are reading Traction by Gino Wickman. Has tons of great information. What are the most important numbers to monitor in your business? Do you watch cash on hand on a daily basis? Standardize info without the noise. Grimsmo is trying to machine acrylic, which is tougher than it looks.
#222 Firing Employees, ERP Inventory Quantity Tracking, Saunders Meets an Astronaut, Grimsmo's Experience Owning Swiss Lathes, & More!
5/14/2021 • 47m
Topics: Grimsmo shares an update about firing his father How the justice system relates to owning a business Saunders leans toward LEx tracking inventory and communicating with Shopify's API Astronaut Hangout: Outer Space, Infinitesimal Perspectives, & UFOs GK Seco Tool Update Swiss IRL - Setup, Material, Guide Bushings, Turning Centerless Ground Material Willemin - A Customs Nightmare Helpful Advice for Decision Making - More alternatives = Better decisions KERN - Tool Life & Pallet Management