Paynym for bitcoin users with iPhone, open source code and more with Stack Wallet.

Paynym for bitcoin users with iPhone, open source code and more with Stack Wallet.


In this episode I had the pleasure of speaking to Diego from Stack Wallet.


Stack Wallet Duo is an open-source wallet supporting Bitcoin and Monero, the design and user flow is really simple and users reap the benefits of security, power, and stability that only a fully open-source codebase can offer. Stack is not partially open. Not mostly open. Completely open. 


I wanted to speak to Diego because SW are the first to implement Paynyms on IOS devices, this has meant half of users don’t have access to this incredible feature that other great projects like sparrow wallet and samourai wallet have been offering users for years. There is also talk of Stack allowing its users to use whirlpool soon, we touch on this during the episode and why Apple make this particularly difficult to do using Tor.


Stack Wallet is non-custodial meaning they never touch your money and use great privacy defaults to keep users safe. After playing around with the wallet ive been very impressed. I set up a new wallet and paynym in a couple of minutes and the user experience was great.


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