Bitcoin: A Money with Zero Percent Inflation with Robert Breedlove (WiM365)
The "What is Money?" Show

Bitcoin: A Money with Zero Percent Inflation with Robert Breedlove (WiM365)

13 Sep • 2hr 14m
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In this episode with Tim Braheem, we discuss the properties of sound money, central banking, the incentives for armed conflict, and why Bitcoin is the best peace-making technology. Tim Braheem is the Founder and CEO of Performance Experts and the host of The 360 Experience podcast.Website: SPONSORS // In Wolf's Clothing: Hardware Wallet (use discount code BITCOIN23): Wasabi Wallet: Bitcoin Apparel (use discount code BREEDLOVE): Feel Free Tonics (use discount code BREEDLOVE): Carnivore Bar (use discount code BREEDLOVE): // OUTLINE // 00:00:00 - Coming up 00:00:38 - Intro 00:02:11 - Helping Lightning Startups with In Wolf's Clothing 00:02:57 - Introducing Robert Breedlove 00:03:22 - Robert's Europe Tour 00:04:36 - The Questions of Significance 00:06:03 - Insufficiency and Indispensability of Language 00:08:47 - Understanding the Nature of Money 00:10:39 - Money: A Universal Medium of Exchange 00:12:57 - Money: The Most Marketable Commodity 00:17:25 - Money Emerges from Trading 00:19:12 - Properties of Good Money 00:22:11 - Money Needs to Be Expensive to Produce 00:25:53 - Counterfeiting of Money 00:27:57 - Retaining Purchasing Power 00:32:37 - Counterfeiting Monopoly of the US Dollar 00:36:27 - Winners & Losers in Central Banking Paradigm 00:41:04 - Simplifying Currency Inflation 00:43:29 - Advantage of Investing in Real-Estate 00:47:40 - Why Gold Became Money 00:54:16 - Warehousing of Gold 00:57:23 - Secure Your Bitcoin Stash with the iCoin Hardware Wallet 00:58:20 - Introduction of Gold-Backed Currency Standard 01:01:12 - Problems with a Fractional Reserve Banking 01:05:57 - Central Banks and War Incentives 01:11:36 - A Centrally Controlled Gold Standard 01:13:53 - Introduction of the Fiat Standard in 1971 01:19:25 - Intital Stage of the Bitcoin Rabbithole 01:23:43 - The $100 Trillion Question 01:26:14 - What is Bitcoin 01:28:56 - The Intangibility of Bitcoin 01:34:40 - A Bitcoin Wallet with Privacy Built-In: Wasabi Wallet 01:35:31 - Comprehending the Non-Physical Nature of Bitcoin 01:37:22 - Bitcoin Resembles the Properties of Good Money 01:41:34 - Bitcoin: An Asset with Absolute Scarcity 01:44:01 - The Emerging Consensus of Bitcoin 01:47:32 - Bitcoin: A Money with Zero Percent Inflation 01:49:49 - Bitcoin is More Than an Invention 01:50:45 - Production Cost of Money 01:52:35 - The Supply and Demand Ratio 01:54:14 - Perfect Information in a Financial System 01:58:07 - The Biggest Fear About Bitcoin 01:59:14 - Bitcoin’s Price Prediction 02:07:20 - Why Bitcoin// PODCAST // Podcast Website: Apple Podcast: RSS Feed: SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL // Bitcoin: 3D1gfxKZKMtfWaD1bkwiR6JsDzu6e9bZQ7 Sats via Strike: Sats via Dollars via Paypal: WRITTEN WORK // Medium: Substack: SOCIAL // Breedlove Twitter: WiM? Twitter: LinkedIn: TikTok: All My Current Work:
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18 Sep • Fountain Web
Robert, your "Bible burning campaign" example almost made me spontaneously combust. You are dancing with perhaps the biggest, longest running conspiracy in history with what you discuss around the 90 minute mark. IT ALREADY HAPPENED THAT WAY! The Dead Sea Scrolls show this. I have so much to share with you about the truth of the universe. I promise you that if you reach out to me to talk, I will not disapoint you. Can I please blow your mind? Reach out on X Twitter @RedTailHawk1923 Let's talk.
451 sats
14 Sep
I have heard Breedlove cover these topics many times but somehow he still brings an urgency and passion to these issues that still highlights the importance of these topics. well done and thank you.
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14 Sep
well done… LFG!
250 sats
17 Sep
Great interview, Robert!
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14 Sep
this is the way
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16 Sep
Breedlove is incorrect about the so-called "Social Layer" of Bitcoin. You cannot change the rules of Bitcoin with any sort of 51% attack. A single Peer/Node that refuses to run a new ruleset prevents consensus. Look up the definition of Intransigent Minority!