TLS45: Daniel Buchner on Building Decentralized Identity at Block

TLS45: Daniel Buchner on Building Decentralized Identity at Block

The Kevin Rooke Show

Daniel Buchner is the Head of Decentralized Identity at Block, the company formerly known as Square.

In our talk, Daniel helped me understand the concept of identity, why and how identity can be decentralized, and how having self-sovereignty over your identity can change the relationships and the power dynamics between users and the apps we use today.

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00:00 - Highlights & Intro

02:34 - Daniel Buchner Intro

08:38 - Taking Control of Your Public Identifiers

13:39 - Securing Decentralized Identifiers

22:59 - Building a Decentralized Identity Network

25:32 - Block’s Decentralized Identity Work

36:54 - Privacy for DIDs

45:00 - DIDs vs. Slashtags

49:24 - The Process of Developing Open Standards

56:31 - Applications for Decentralized Identity

1:00:07 - Personal Servers

1:03:00 - How Self-Hosting Changes the Relationships Between Apps and Users

1:12:24 - tbDEX

1:20:06 - The Lightning Round


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