EP104 Bitcoin show with @craigraw sparrow wallet

EP104 Bitcoin show with @craigraw sparrow wallet


Craig Raw lives in the real world. Instead of going to bed each night thinking about whether he left a spoon in the fork drawer like many in the terminally fragile West might do nowadays, Craig thinks about how well he, his friends and his neighbours have protected themselves and their Bitcoin stashes from a violent break-in the next time it happens.

If you’re never been to Craig’s homeland of South Africa, it is not for the fainthearted. Don’t get me wrong – it is a stunningly beautiful country, home to amazing wildlife, wine and people. But it’s edgy and, well, raw.


"I saw Sparrow as a tool to be able save with Bitcoin and do so in a way that allows you to really understand the protocol and the details of what was going on. That was the genesis of it – to create a tool that is going to be easy to use but at the same time give bitcoiners the detail that I think that they need in order to get into it and to really do the job well."

Craig Raw


Make sure to check out 21ism feature on Craig and the brilliant article written by @mtcbtc 


21ism feature page - https://21ism.com/portfolio-item/craig-raw/

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