#011 - The Fears of Ai

#011 - The Fears of Ai

AI Unchained

Ai is a powerful tool, and thus, necessarily comes with incredible risk. It could obsolete millions of workers, taking jobs and productive capacity away from humans and consolidate it into corporations. It could make the average individual too dangerous, putting incredible power into the hands of bad people. It may even present an existential threat to humanity, a veritable nuclear bomb, made available to everyone in the world...

What could all of this mean? Doesn't it suggests we need to tightly control, license, and scrutinize access to these base tools? Or is there an underlying philosophy exposed by these fears, and a more prudent, and honest course of action? find out in today's Ai Unchained episode!

Check out the link to the video of Yann LeCun that was shared toward the end of this episode, Why Open Source Ai is Our Only Hope (Link: http://tinyurl.com/yx5tmmnv)

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