The Realities Of Becoming A Dad | What Has Changed?

The Realities Of Becoming A Dad | What Has Changed?

Mere Mortals

Juan's back baby ..... and with a baby!!!

In Episode #387 of 'Musings', Juan & I discuss: the big reveal of his daughter's name, how he has been managing to sleep and train better than expected, the big expenses of prams and nappies, feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, exhaustion in hospitals, the love you feel as a father and what's upcoming for the podcast.

Huge support from Dave Jones, Chad F, Madaltv, Scott, Chris Fisher & Martin (from PodFriend). Your sats are greatly appreciated!

(0:00) - Juan's been busy
(0:49) - Not so little baby
(2:15) - Juan's sleep
(6:02) - Training
(10:52) - How much does a baby cost in 2023?
(17:22) - Vienna's sleep
(19:57) - Boostagram Lounge
(33:16) - Responsibility
(37:17) - The delivery process
(44:56) - The love for your child
(47:27) - Modern childbirth vs the past
(53:58) - Housekeeping
(58:30) - AI clips
(1:01:33) - V4V: Send in a bebe boost!

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