EP88: Kids Art Competition (SPECIAL)

EP88: Kids Art Competition (SPECIAL)

2-Bit Idiots

Do you have a creative kid? Are you always talking about Bitcoin? Could they create a piece of art that is their interpretation of what it is you go on about all the time? 

To celebrate reaching 100 shows on the 2-Bit Idiots podcast, we’ve decided to run a Kids Art Competition and give away 50,000 sats to the winners in each age group


The Rules 

  1. There are 4 ages categories (4 and under, 5-8, 9-12, and 13-16). Age on 31/7/23
  2. We will accept a maximum of 21 entries in each category 
  3. Any type of art is accepted (painting, drawing, digital, sculpture, photograph etc) 
  4. Winners will be judged by our kids. Their decision is final. 
  5. You keep the original art. All entries to be submitted to 2BitIdiotsPodcast@gmail.com by 31st July 2023 or when the group has received the maximum number of entries (whichever comes sooner). 
  6. Please include their name (pseudonyms are fine), age groupcountry and a contact e-mail address for their parent/guardian if they win. 
  7. Winners will be invited on to our 100th podcast with their parent to tell us about their art and be awarded their prize. 
  8. All entries will be displayed by age group at: https://bitcoin-first.com/kids-art-competition  
  9. Good luck. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. 


To hear the background and inspiration for this project please listen to:


If you’d like to donate some sats to the project, please do so via our GeyserFund page.  


All sats donated here will be given to the kids. Let’s see if we can do something special and mint some new maxis! 

Thank you to Pixel, Paul, Haggis, Salmon and our kids for your generosity and inspiration. 



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