Episode 72: Inscriptions
Bitcoin Explained - The Technical Side of Bitcoin

Episode 72: Inscriptions

9 Feb • 40m
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Show Notes

In this episode of Bitcoin, Explained, Aaron and Sjors explain Inscriptions, a new method to upload arbitrary data onto the Bitcoin blockchain.
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8,421 sats
12 Feb
thumbs up!
8,421 sats
12 Feb
thumbs up.
4,444 sats
10 Feb
Another good one. Best part - Aaron: “Shoild we mention Ordinals?”, Sjors: “No”.
4,200 sats
18 Feb
Love the show! groetjes van artdesigbnbySF en noderunners radio!
2,000 sats
11 Feb
@provoost, you prefer reversible NFTs but not reversible Bitcoin? (Non-fan of NFTs, fan of consistency).
12 Feb
I don't care about NFT's. If someone want to make an irreversible NFT that's fine with me. I don't think it's possible and Ordinals / Inscriptions don't achieve this. There's no scarecity. You can't copy-paste my UTXO and have more money, but you easily copy my JPEG. The only scarecity is copyright, but the chain doesn't enforce that.
500 sats
21 Feb
thanks for the pod
100 sats
17 Feb