Hash privately and store sats securely with BQA & Lili

Hash privately and store sats securely with BQA & Lili


The aim of todays episode is to help bitcoin users hash privately and store sats securely. Bitcoin is a very powerful tool for anyone wishing to take control and protect themselves, but like any tool it must be respected and used correctly. Ive chosen my two guests for todays episode because they put out some of the best content available and have a huge amount of knowledge on mining, security and privacy. We cover mining and a step by step walkthrough from buying the machine, plugging in, choosing a pool to conjoin and storage. i really hope you enjoy the show and find it helpful. We also announce a very special giveaway so keep an eye out on twitter and UM for a chance to win.


Show guests


twitter - @BitcoinQ_A

twitter - @Marketsbylili


twitter - @MaxBitbuybit

twitter - @bitbuybitpod

Website - https://ungovernablemisfits.com



As always please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.

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