JIMMY SONG | An author, educator and Bitcoin developer makes a passionate argument for how fiat debases art | #015
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JIMMY SONG | An author, educator and Bitcoin developer makes a passionate argument for how fiat debases art | #015

3 Sep • 54m

Show Notes

"This system of having artists get approval from the people who are higher up on the status ladder is an entirely fiat game."

— Jimmy Song

Jimmy Song, a formative voice in my bitcoin journey, joins me for a blistering critique of modern and contemporary art including NFTs. Using his latest book Fiat Ruins Everything, and specifically, Chapter 26: "Fiat Debases Art" as the frame for our conversation, Jimmy jumps right in with his strong opinions and passionate disdain for Picasso, Rothko and their ilk. Unpacking the broken incentives across a huge swath of the art world, we simultaneously lament and posit solutions for the downstream distortions created by fiat.

It's the kind of conversation that could have gone on for a long time but I'm committed to making these rips bite-sized points of departure for your own rumination. The Bitcoin Muse is intended to be an evergreen catalyst for conversation and thought. And I do my best to avoid current events so as to explore the recurring themes surrounding art under the emerging bitcoin standard. I think Jimmy's opinions perfectly fit into that mission but I'll leave you to judge that for yourself.

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Latest Book on Amazon: Fiat Ruins Everything
Twitter Feed: @jimmysong
Podcast: Bitcoin Fixes This
Substack: Bitcoin Tech Talk
YouTube: Off Chain with Jimmy Song
NOSTR: npub10vlhsqm4qar0g42p8g3plqyktmktd8hnprew45w638xzezgja95qapsp42

Mentioned in the Episode:

Fiat Ruins Everything
Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel Ceiling
Michelangelo's Pietà
Bernini's Art
David Perell's Write of Passage

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4 Sep • Fountain Web
Tha KS for your work
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6 Sep
Always enjoy hearing Jimmy's viewpoints and insightful observations. This conversation was well balanced and I'll add the new book to stack for later this year. Cheers!