E28: Michael Bumann & Moritz Kaminski on Building Alby, Improving Lightning Payments, and Value 4 Value
E28: Michael Bumann & Moritz Kaminski on Building Alby, Improving Lightning Payments, and Value 4 Value
The Kevin Rooke Show

Michael Bumann and Moritz Kaminski are the co-founders of Alby, a Chrome extension that enables anyone to send Bitcoin over the Lightning Network directly from their browser.

Michael, Moritz, and I spoke about exactly how Alby works, the similarities and differences between Alby and Metamask, why Alby chose to build on WebLN and LNURL, as well as a wide-ranging discussion covering identity, value for value, and interesting new Lightning applications.

→ Alby: https://getalby.com/

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00:00 - Intro

01:35 - Alby Intro

05:21 - Connecting the Lightning Network to the Web

09:09 - Building a Browser Extension  vs. Browser vs. Mobile App

13:08 - Disrupting Existing Business Models vs. Creating New Markets

16:40 - Similarities & Differences Between Alby and MetaMask

18:56 - Why Should People Use Alby?

26:50 - Are Lightning App Developers Using WebLN & LNURL?

30:48 - Value 4 Value

53:52 - Will Lightning Be More Impactful for Digital or Physical Goods?

56:30 - Alby's Business Model

59:56 - Will Alby Solve Identity on the Lightning Network?

1:07:00 - Interesting Lightning Applications

1:11:50 - The Lightning Round

2,222 sats
16 Mar
To grow the user base do you think it’s more important to first introduce a new user to Bitcoin in general before Podcasting 2.0, or visa versa or it doesn’t really matter?
100 sats
17 Mar
My opinion is v4v is going to onboard a LOT of people onto bitcoin and lightning when it takes off.
2,000 sats
20 Mar
love hearing about how webLN vs LNURL is complimentary. first I had heard of WebLN. keep up the good work
1,000 sats
15 Mar
Trying to imagine how a content creator with a massive following like Mr Beast, PewDiePie, Mark Rober, might leverage value 4 value and lightning to engage with their audience. Tangentially, who is the biggest non-bitcoin content creator whose existing formula might best take advantage of lightning, WebLN, LNURL, etc if only they were aware of it?
1,000 sats
15 Mar
the creators need to get creative with the abundance of newly emerging tools. So much room to play and experiment but I’m not yet seeing really out-of-the-box gamification of micropayments.
100 sats
15 Mar
payments as easy as likes. If every like and upvote on the web over the last decade were worth a sat, how many bitcoin would have flowed?
10 sats
29 Jul
love Alby