E96: Dhruv Bansal on The Bitcoin Stack, Distributed Markets, Scaling in Layers, Nostr, Tor, and More
E96: Dhruv Bansal on The Bitcoin Stack, Distributed Markets, Scaling in Layers, Nostr, Tor, and More
The Kevin Rooke Show

Dhruv Bansal is a physicist, entrepreneur, and the co-founder of Unchained Capital.

In our conversation we explored the idea of scaling Bitcoin in layers, the importance of distributed markets on Bitcoin, Lightning, and beyond, and we touched Nostr, Tor, Ordinals and frameworks for understanding Bitcoin.

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00:00 - Intro

02:20 - Dhruv Bansal Intro

08:41 - What Can Be Built on Bitcoin?

21:23 - Selling Bitcoin vs. Selling Altcoins

36:35 - The Importance of Building in Layers on Bitcoin

45:52 - How Important Is Decentralization on the Lightning Network?

58:22 - Second Order Effects of Lightning Network Changes

1:01:52 - Energy, Bitcoin, & P2P Connections

1:06:43 - The Pendulum of Centralization & Decentralization

1:13:23 - Can Lightning Fix Tor?

1:26:15 - The Role of Companies on Layered Protocol Systems

1:31:50 - Making Changes to Bitcoin

1:47:37 - The Lightning Round

5,000 sats
27 Feb
Probably one of my favorite episodes to date! Dhruv’s take on Bitcoin scaling and the economics necessary to build truly decentralized systems were very insightful.
5,000 sats
19 Feb
1,000 sats
17 Feb
Thank you for the episode, Kevin. Dhruv is an outstanding communicator of ideas. I would love to hear more from him in the future!
500 sats
8 Mar
100 sats
17 Feb
great episode 👍