Why Anarchy Could Work with David Croisant | Value Stack 42
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Why Anarchy Could Work with David Croisant | Value Stack 42

6 Oct • 1hr 48m
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Show Notes

David Croisant is a passionate free-thinker and advocate of sovereign and open source technologies.
He and I sat down to discuss common and alternative forms of government, how money affects organization of groups, if bitcoin can lead to better ways of organization, and ask the question - do people really want to be free?Check out the chapters below and if you enjoy it, consider supporting the show.

00:00 What is anarchy?
1:55 Why did governments come about and stay in power?
5:10 Why are citizens ignorant about government laws?
8:20 Whose responsibility is it to keep governments in check?
12:00 How does the public education system affect government power?
13:35 Money, power, the church, and government control
16:00 Societal structure today is designed government overreach
20:00 How can we take back power into the citizens hands?
24:20 Why do bitcoiners “unplug” sooner than the general population?
28:00 Will governments ever embrace bitcoin?
34:30 Why do we even need money?
39:00 Government ideals vs reality
43:30 Does technology increase or decrease freedom?
47:15 Why do people trade freedom for convenience?
51:45 Cycles of creation and destruction
1:02:30 Paths to “waking up”
1:06:45 How can society work in a world without stated rules?
1:10:10 How education and media keep citizens in the dark
1:14:15 How do collective and individual incentives align?
1:17:15 Imagining very large perspectives to re-examine society
1:22:00 Taking sovereignty of the mind
1:33:00 What ways can we spread sovereign ideas?
1:37:00 Learning from self-reflection and observing others
1:41:00 Outro: You Matter
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