#445: Dispelling Nuclear Energy Misconceptions with Ryan MacLeod
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#445: Dispelling Nuclear Energy Misconceptions with Ryan MacLeod

12 Sep • 1hr 11m
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Show Notes

Marty sits down with Ryan MacLeod to discuss the benefits of nuclear power in contrast to its reputation and how it can synergize with Bitcoin.

Ryan on Twitter:

6:12 - Riffing7:46 - Texas demand scare13:57 - Best source for stable energy20:11 - Reputation of nuclear power31:39 - If the end were nigh, we’d need nuclear33:40 - Cost of capital and SMRs36:53 - SMR and mining impact on grids41:05- Bitcoin can ease problems with nuclear44:37 - Nuclear looking good53:15 - Germany’s idiotic policies55:09 - Uranium supply58:01 - Nuclear future1:02:01 - Does the nuclear industry recognize Bitcoin?1:07:09 - Wrapping up

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13 Sep
fellow pleb here with intimate knowledge of grids, substations and transmission networks if you’d like to further expand on these themes. @dazbea from @lookingglassedu DM’s are open, I’m down for a pod.
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12 Sep
Most of us are here to fuck fat girls and stack sats, and we’re fresh out of fat girls….
stay classy, San Diego 😂
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12 Sep
backyard nuke reactors ftw!!!!!
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12 Sep
Thank you gentlemen
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20 Sep
Which way western man?
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13 Sep
Nuclear power lfg 💪🧡