#12 Regulating migration: state failure or impossible task?
States and migration in Europe

#12 Regulating migration: state failure or impossible task?

16 Jun • 1hr 13m
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In this episode, we grapple with an essential question: Can states regulate migration? We are joined by our esteemed guest, Professor Anna Triandafyllidou, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration at Toronto Metropolitan University. With surging nationalism and populism, anxiety over growing migrant populations is escalating. However, over the past decades, state intervention in migration affairs has been a customary practice. The persistence of migration-related concerns, even in the face of extensive state intervention, invites a challenging query – is this not a testament to states' failure to regulate migration? Professor Triandafyllidou scrutinizes the motivations behind state regulation of migration and the hurdles that make it a daunting task. She provides insights into the complexities of migration control, often glossed over in public discourse. This episode offers an immersive journey into one of the most contentious debates of our era. Join us for a captivating exploration of the multifaceted dynamics between migration and state power.
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