Is Technology Turning Us Into NPC's? | New Gym Tools & Language Skills
Mere Mortals

Is Technology Turning Us Into NPC's? | New Gym Tools & Language Skills

18 Sep • 50m
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Are non-playable characters the ultimate evolution of humanity?In Episode #411 of 'Meanderings', Juan & I discuss: some random skills and tools we've picked up recently, more thoughts on polyglots and how to maintain a 2nd language, the weird world of glizzies and technology allowing or making us do things, why Juan wants to be as big as the universe but I'm content with just being the size of an ant. Thanks to everyone who's joined us for 4 years, no plans to stop anytime soon!Timeline:(0:00) - We're back outside(0:32) - Gyroballs for forearm strength(3:11) - Tools for gym: mace & breathing mask(8:44) - Recent skills we've acquired(13:32) - Keeping your language skills up(19:03) - Japanese Duolingo(21:03) - Why does ASMR & weird YT vids exist?(23:49) - Is technology shaping us?(26:00) - NPC Livestreams(28:10) - Technology as technique(31:09) - There's always something new to notice(38:12) - Juan's hourly revelations(41:59) - Would you rather experience big or small?(46:17) - V4V: Ban men from mics(48:41) - Celebrate 4 years with a boostConnect with Mere Mortals:Website: 4 Value Support:Boostagram: the show
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44,444 sats
18 Sep
wow four years!!! how awesome!! now I feel like a newbie 🤣
Honestly McIntosh you'll hit it soon and just go 'whoa, where'd the time go' 😂. Much appreciated for the baller boost 🥰
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19 Sep
This episode was fantastic! I have been working out with a steel mace for a few years now. still learning tons. the philosophy is to be uncomfortable with leveraged weight, so any movement with 10KG feels heavier because of unbalanced moving weight and you have to control it. learning more “flows” with it.
Would love to hear more about your fitness Cole, I had no idea you used mace's 😯
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23 Sep
"Use a blackhole as a gloryhole" -Giant Kyrin
Adding that to my list of classics 😂