SNL #64: Squirrels, Shovels & Refrigerator Posts
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SNL #64: Squirrels, Shovels & Refrigerator Posts

23 Apr • 47m

Show Notes

Join Car and Keyan to discuss Stacker News top posts, Car & Keyan's favorite posts of the week, and top stackers.We discuss:1:10 - SN Top Story #1 - I’m losing my faith SN Discussion11:50 - SN Top Story #2 - LNbits SaaS SN Discussion16:00 - SN Top Story #3 - Swedes search Mullvad VPN SN Discussion22:33- SN Top Story #4 - Bitcoin Privacy SN Discussion26:58 - SN Top Story #5 - AI + Jobs?? SN DiscussionCar's pick: 35:58 - Car's SN pick: New Wavlake offers a far more enhanced experience than before! SN Discussion Keyan's pick:39:38 - Keyan's SN pick: Superstore  SN DiscussionFor the week of April 21st, 2023.Stacker News Live WebsiteThriller Bitcoin SN NewsletterPlease find us on YouTube & BitcoinTVWe love Foundation app for Lightning 2.0 podcastingSend us a Boost, and we will read it on the next SNLWe also send 26% of our sats streamed to us over to opensats.comSupport contributors to Bitcoin and other free and open-source projectsFollow Car on TwitterZap Car on NostrFollow Car on SNLearn more about Thriller BitcoinFollow Keyan on TwitterZap Keyan on NostrFollow Keyan on SNLearn more about Stacker News

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24 Apr
LN bits is cool but it’s extremely limited when running a tor node. but if you run a clear net node it’s awesome
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24 Apr
fellas 🖖
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23 Apr
stacker news is underrated, wen stacker news nostr bot