GUS GRILLASCA | A rebellious, avant-garde spirit probing Bitcoin's potential | #025

GUS GRILLASCA | A rebellious, avant-garde spirit probing Bitcoin's potential | #025

The Bitcoin Muse

This week on the world’s premier Bitcoin art podcast I speak with Gus Grillasca whose multi-year efforts as a Bitcoin artist have led him down many paths, To some, his rebellious, fun-loving spirit may be triggering but since he found his way to Bitcoin art through pepes, he seems quite comfortable being a potential thorn in your side and to keep your mind pried more open than it might otherwise be.

I think Gus makes some reasonable arguments that a more stubborn person, even someone like me, can be persuaded or at least entertain the idea that we haven’t figured it all out. And part of me, even though I like a slim and slender chain, and recognize the true value of scarce block space, there is a window here where artists are at the forefront and one man’s bloat is another man’s expression.

The more I do this podcast, the more I realize the answers don’t lie in the present. What we have here is record for historians, decades or maybe centuries from now to evaluate the nascent and profoundly important role bitcoin is playing in the history of art.

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Alas, I hope you enjoy this conversation with Gus as his time in service to bitcoin combined with his aesthetic judgment is worth contemplating and perhaps make some room for the novel ideas and artistic exploration he embodies.


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