E82: Alex Adelman on Building Lolli, Accelerating Bitcoin Adoption, and the Lightning Network
E82: Alex Adelman on Building Lolli, Accelerating Bitcoin Adoption, and the Lightning Network
The Kevin Rooke Show

Alex Adelman is the CEO & co-founder of Lolli, a Bitcoin-back rewards platform that has helped over 600,000 people stack sats while shopping.

We had a wide-ranging conversation that covered Lolli’s aim to increase Bitcoin adoption, why Lolli has chosen not to integrate the Lightning Network yet, and why Alex believes smart contracts on Bitcoin are a big net positive for the ecosystem.

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00:00 - Intro

02:27 - Alex Adelman Intro

10:41 - How Bitcoin Prices & Economic Downturns Affect Lolli

16:39 - How Do We Accelerate Bitcoin Adoption

28:14 - What Should Bitcoiners Be Focused On?

32:09 - Why Non-Fungible Assets are Important to Bitcoin

37:21 - Celebrity Investors & Bitcoin

45:32 - Why Lolli Isn’t on the Lightning Network Yet

52:02 - How To Make Lightning Simple

58:12 - Lolli’s Roadmap

1:01:17 - The Evolution of Cash Back Rewards

1:15:39 - Incentivized Advertising on the Internet

1:20:26 - The Lightning Round

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