#005 - Ai, Fiat Incompatible with Kody Low
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#005 - Ai, Fiat Incompatible with Kody Low

4 Jul • 1hr 27m
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"So we had built this for a while, but because API calls are basically free, there really wasn't a good match for it. There were some good matches for it and people would do it, but as they were doing it, it was like 'I can do it this way, but I can also do it with dollars.' This is kind of a really interesting paradigm when it comes to Ai stuff is that there's basically 3 or 4 different aspects of Ai that make it so you cannot use credit card relationships to solve the monetization problems there. But you can with Bitcoin and Lightning as it exists today, not requiring any changes to the protocol..." — Kody Low

Today we dive into an incredible conversation with Kody Low from Fedi, who is hosting the Ai4All hackathon and believes he has found a solution to an increasingly huge, and seemingly impossible problem within Ai, that you can no longer distinguish human from robot online. What happens when Ai can create an infinite number of new identities? Is this the end of the open internet? find out in this awesome episode.

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100,000 sats
9 Jul
Hey Guy, loving your podcasts. I would be interested to connect and discuss this topic with you or anyone else that is fascinated by the intersection of Bitcoin and AI
2,100 sats
12 Jul
The near future will be unrecognizable from the near past - 🤯
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4 Jul
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6 Jul
Very good episode. I'm taking the journey down this path as well. Keep it up!
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9 Jul
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7 Jul
The intersection of AI and bitcoin is interesting. what a time to be alive.
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10 Sep
I'm so glad Kody's powerful brain is on the network 🙏
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6 Jul
Love your work
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10 Jul
Great episode! Thank you