#436: Building Sound Finance For Sound Money with Atomic Finance
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#436: Building Sound Finance For Sound Money with Atomic Finance

24 Jul • 1hr 25m
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Show Notes

Marty sits down with Tony Cai and Matt Black from Atomic Finance to discuss returns on Bitcoin, DLCs, and the future of Bitcoin's scaling.

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Atomic Finance:

5:30 - Atomic Finance origins15:44 - What’s wrong with defi?21:15 - Explaining DLCs25:26 - How Atomic uses DLCs28:39 - Risks34:13 - Atomic’s oracle37:39 - State of DLCs and lightning44:51 - Plans for Atomic47:46 - Ethereum’s centralization50:26 - Order of operations in Bitcoin adoption54:04 - Scaling Bitcoin and ossification1:04:59 - Staking reputation on BIPs1:14:28 - A lot at stake1:21:00 - Wrapping

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25 Jul
Atomic Finance is the future!
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8 Aug
this shit sounds really low time preference.
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2 Aug
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22 Aug
thanks for the great work