Seed My Files Ep823
Bitcoin And . . .

Seed My Files Ep823

16 Nov • 1hr 3m
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Show Notes

Join me today for Episode 823 of Bitcoin And . . .

Topics for today:

- @`bera` , @`PABLOF7z`, and @`AviBurra` New Releases
- Bitstream Breakdown
- Durabit Proposal to Help Torrent Seeding
- Ferrari Accepts but Won't Hold BTC
- CSW Bounces Check to Court

#Bitcoin #BitcoinAnd $boost

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21,021 sats
17 Nov
love the show! you think your ideas are crazy? I want to build a river. lfg!
21,000 sats
18 Nov
hope this one gets to you.
3,700 sats
18 Nov
thank you Sir.
3,456 sats
17 Nov
2,500 sats
22 Nov
1,320 sats
21 Nov
would be happy to chat with you about what I saw, etc.
1,320 sats
17 Nov
“That’s what.” -She-
500 sats
17 Nov
SEC no spot patience, control, manipulation, and positioning for those with the most $ to invest imo. great show today
200 sats
20 Nov
100 sats
16 Nov
Thank you sir